Woman Reports a Bigfoot ‘Swinging From Tree To Tree’ in New York’s Hudson Valley

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New York (the state) is getting a whole lot of consideration in 2020 – and we’re not speaking concerning the pandemic. The Empire State, notably the Hudson Valley space, is experiencing an uncommon quantity of Bigfoot and Bigfoot-related sightings. The newest was by a lady who claimed she noticed a Bigfoot swinging from a tree. Earlier than you yell out your favourite simian creature’s identify, Bigfoot investigators have been within the space and are discovering telltale indicators of ground-dwelling Bigfoot. Has one taken up gymnastics and is planning to kind a Cirque du Sasquatch?

“On July 2 I obtained a cellphone name from a lady that was working as a landscaper on a property in Hyde Park Ny. She was weeding the backyard and was informed to dump the weeds down a path about 200′ behind the barn. After dumping the wheelbarrow, it dropped down which made a loud bang. Instantly, from roughly 50′ away she sees and hears one thing crashing by way of the thick vegetation parting the comb in direction of Her.The creature then jumped within the tree above her, leaving her in shock and disbelief. The creature then started utilizing its arms to swing from tree to tree transferring away from her. She described it as very massive and transferring by way of the bushes like a monkey. She mentioned she obtained look in the back of the reddish brown beast that she estimated at 6-7′ tall with lengthy arms.”

Thus started the most recent Bigfoot investigation within the Hudson Valley. Gayle J. Beatty of the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley is understood within the space – she beforehand investigated a report in June 2020 in Cairo of Bigfoot tracks and dens. Gayle spoke to the unnamed witness, who she mentioned was distressed. Gayle additionally saved the situation of this encounter confidential. Her posting of the story on social media obtained a whole lot of feedback and media consideration – although there wasn’t rather more to report. Gayle responded to at least one commenter:

“We now have studies from each side of the river. Sure instances of the 12 months I get extra studies. We imagine they migrate in response to meals sources.”

That could be true, however do they stroll or swing? A swinging Bigfoot of the tree type – actually, any type of Bigfoot in a tree – is a uncommon occasion. It’s attainable that what this girl noticed was a big chimp or orangutan (she mentioned it was reddish brown) that was tough to determine within the chaos of the sighting. Nevertheless, different members of the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley went to Hyde Park after the report and posted on social media numerous indicators of what they describe as Bigfoot exercise. In addition they obtained what look like two more moderen studies – a smelly, gorilla-like creature see at 3 am, and footsteps, department rustling and a howl by a midnight dogwalker.

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Was it one thing like this?

“I’ve had a number of studies from this space over the previous couple of years main me to imagine there’s a clan residing there.”

Why this sudden rash of Bigfoot encounters within the Hudson Valley? Gayle Beatty thinks a gaggle of them dwell within the space. This has been happening lengthy sufficient for the valley to warrant its personal Bigfoot analysis group. There are actually a whole lot of dens, as investigator Seth Alne present in his analysis of the Cairo report. All of this provides as much as … a steaming however rising pile of circumstantial proof that unusual issues are taking place within the Hudson Valley which may be as a consequence of a furry cryptid or a confluence of proficient Bigfoot hoaxers. This newest alleged encounter with a tree swinger deserves additional investigation as a result of it might actually be a big ape, presumably an escaped pet, that needs to be humanely captured earlier than it could actually damage anybody or itself. In any other case, let’s hope the true Bigfoot researchers of the Hudson Valley proceed to get nearer to a solution.

If it actually can swing, Cirque du Sasquatch could be SO cool!

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