“You Have Shot My Friend.” This Early American Sasquatch Story is One of the Eeriest

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It’s arguably some of the uncommon tales within the already scary mythos surrounding the North American Man of the woods. The account, given in 1929 by a person named Charley Victor, can also be one of many few to counsel that the “creatures” spoke a language… and one shared by people.

Victor was a member of the Skwah Reserve within the Nineteen Twenties. In response to the British Columbia Meeting of First Nations, The Skwah First Nation (typically additionally referred to as the Skwah Band) is a band authorities of the Stó:lõ or “Staulo” individuals, and a part of the Chillukweyuk Tribe, close to the eponymously named Metropolis of Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

“Indians have all the time identified that wild males lived within the distant mountains,” Victor was quoted saying in MacLean’s Journal in 1929, “inside sixty and 100 miles east of Vancouver, and naturally they could stay elsewhere all through the province, however I’ve by no means heard of it.”

Victor’s recollections had been amongst many who had been shared with J.W. Burns, a instructor on the Chehalis Indian Reserve in Vancouver, British Columbia. Burns wrote a number of articles on the topic, and is credited right now with coining the phrase “Man of the woods,” a possible mispronunciation of an earlier Native American title for the creatures.

J.W. Burns within the Nineteen Forties.

Charley, based on the story he gave to Mr. Burns, had been “among the best hunters within the province and had many thrilling adventures in his time.” When approached by Burns on the topic, Victor informed the educator that he knew many tales in regards to the “scary individuals,” as he referred to as them; a bunch of furry mountain individuals “of whom there are however few now.”

Victor’s earliest eye witness encounter concerned an event the place he and three mates had been traversing a mountain slope within the area inside six miles of Yale, British Columbia, selecting a raspberry-like fruit identified within the area as “salmonberries” for his or her pink shade. Victor and his mates stumbled on the doorway to a cave, which shocked the group of males as a result of they hadn’t beforehand identified of any caves within the space.

Their curiosity piqued by what they’d seen, Charley and his mates collected some branches of resinous pine, which they lit to light up the cave. In response to Victor:

“Outdoors the mouth of the cave there was an unlimited boulder. We peered into the cavity however could not see something. We gathered some pitchwood, lighted it and commenced to discover. However earlier than we acquired very removed from the doorway of the cave, we stumbled on a kind of stone home or enclosure: it was a crude affair.”

Victor’s story is fascinating for numerous causes, particularly because of the crude construction he and his mates claimed to have discovered throughout the cave. Precise compositional buildings used for shelter are pretty distinctive amongst Man of the woods tales, and on this occasion, it suggests a crude type of stonework utilized by whoever inhabited the cave on the time of its discovery. Returning residence and telling of their discovery, Victor and his mates had been warned by their elders to keep away from the placement in any respect prices, as a result of of the scary those that seemingly lived there. In opposition to their higher judgment, the group returned once more many days later, this time to seek out that the big stone outdoors the cave entrance had been tightly rolled into the opening, rendering any additional snooping inconceivable.

This expertise, Victor stated, is what led to his discovery of the idea amongst his elders that Sasquatches existed. Nonetheless, because it seems, this was not his final eye witness encounter with the “scary individuals” of the mountains.

Victor informed Burns of one other event the place, a few years later, he was looking within the mountains close to the neighborhood of Hatzic, alongside the Fraser Valley area of the decrease mainland of British Columbia. Victor, accompanied by his canine, had climbed to an space the place a plateau unfolded, lined with massive cedar timber. As they made their approach alongside this raised space, Victor’s canine took off within the course of one of many timber, pawing and leaping at an space the place, roughly seven ft above the bottom, there existed a big gap within the trunk.

“The canine pawed and leaped upon the trunk,” Victor remembered, “and checked out me to boost him up, which I did, and he went into the outlet.” Inside moments, Victor stated a muffled cry got here from throughout the gap. Considering his canine had been lifted into the house of—and thus, a combat with—a bear, he referred to as to the animal, making an attempt to get it to drive no matter was within the gap out into the open.

Victor recalled the subsequent few horrifying moments thusly:

“[O]ut got here one thing I took for a bear. I shoot and it fell with a thud to the bottom.

‘Homicide! Oh my!’ I spoke to myself in shock and alarm, for the factor I had shot seemed to me like a white boy. He was nude. He was about twelve or fourteen years of age.”

The looks of what Victor describes right here as a teenage caucasian boy, sans clothes, falling out of the aspect of the tree is of curiosity, particularly in mild of quite a few traditions amongst First Nations individuals and different cultural teams in close by areas pertaining to Sasquatches being “males stealers.” This explicit phrasing is borrowed from the missionary Elkanah Walker, who wrote in April 1840 of an enormous “nocturnal class” of people that lived on a mountaintop in Northern Washington, based on conventional beliefs among the many Spokane Indians. These “giants,” it was stated, had been apt to hold away individuals from their camps and houses at evening, a theme which is even implied right now in sure literature pertaining to unsolved disappearances in Nationwide Parks.

Victor’s narrative turns into more and more scary henceforth. The Caucasian boy (who Victor described as having black, “woolly hair,” although it’s unclear whether or not this was in a hirsute method, or merely upon the boy’s head) begins to “set free a wild yell, or relatively a name as if he had been interesting for assist.” A solution got here echoing from far away, which Victor might hear shifting steadily towards them. For no matter purpose, Victor recounts having remained on the scene for “less than a half-hour,” when out of the forest under them got here “the strangest and wildest creature one might presumably see.” 

Victor recounted the creature’s look to Burns as follows:

“I raised my rifle, to not shoot, however in case I must defend myself. The furry creature, for that was what it was, walked towards me with out the slightest concern. The wild particular person was a lady. Her face was virtually negro black and her lengthy straight hair fell to her waist. In top she can be about six ft, however her chest and shoulders had been properly above the typical in breadth.’

Victor stated the uncooked power of the lady earlier than him was evident together with her actions, and he was sure she might simply have killed him together with her naked palms.

“She forged a hasty look on the boy,” Victor stated. “Her face took on a demoniacal expression when she noticed he was bleeding. She turned upon me savagely, and within the Douglas tongue stated: ‘You have got shot my buddy.’ ”

It was dropped at my consideration by researcher Ken Kristian numerous years in the past that this “Douglas tongue” Victor referenced in his narrative refers to a dialect amongst a number of the Salish Indian teams round Port Douglas, close to the northern finish of Harrison Lake, British Columbia.

Tlingit traditional totem art
A illustration of Tlingit conventional totem artwork.

Victor, being half Douglas himself, acknowledged the dialect and responded to her that he was sorry and that he had mistaken the kid for a bear. Then, based on Victor the lady then started to repeatedly beat the bottom with a protracted, rope-like object that gave the impression to be a snake (although he later surmised that this was a size of gut from some animal), whereas dancing “a kind of wild frisk” across the boy. Victor stated he was in a position to hear what appeared to be vocalizations coming from the forest close by throughout this time.

“It’s my very own opinion since I met that wild lady fifteen years in the past that as a result of she spoke the Douglas tongue these creatures have to be associated to the Indian,” Victor recounted of his expertise, which concluded with the big, presumably Man of the woods lady carrying the injured youngster off into the forest. Nonetheless, earlier than departing his firm, the lady had apparently stated extra to him on this Douglas tongue: she promised him that he would “by no means kill one other bear,” presumably evoking what Victor took to be a kind of curse. Whether or not or not this was pure superstition, it apparently labored, no less than based on Victor, who stated he was by no means profitable as a hunter in years that adopted his unsettling eye witness encounter.  

Writing about this, and different related tales involving conventional beliefs related to language amongst Man of the woods creatures numerous years in the past, the late researcher Bobbie Brief supplied a short assortment of anecdotes pertaining to this topic, which I’ll share under. The primary pertains to traditions amongst Navaho sheepherders who talked of a creature, the Ye’iitsoh, which “converse the language of the northern tribes”:

There may be the report from Navajo sheepherders of previous within the 4 corners district (the place Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico come collectively) who imagine to today that the Ye’iitsoh converse the language of the northern tribes, “a tongue that we don’t perceive right here within the southwest. They arrive right here within the season of the lengthy shadows to winter in our hotter local weather and change sheep and goats for the fish they carry from the north — fish that’s not identified to this space, making speak with us in a language that’s not ours, however of the tribes who stay within the north. They’re of nice dimension and have a physique lined in lengthy hair; they’re the large individuals from the mountains and touring right here is a superb distance.”

Brief additionally shared at her web site Wild man Encounters, an account from the late Gloria and John Millard who recounted observing a male wildman who “spoke stern phrases to its teenager whereas it was behaving badly.” Additionally, a newspaper merchandise from Wrangell, Alaska in 1918 informed of a gold miner who had been cat-napping in a area the place berries of some selection grew when he was woke up by the sound of “individuals speaking.” When he started to search for the supply of the chatter, he claimed to see a “mother-bushwoman feeding berries to somewhat one and speaking to it within the method of the Tlingit language,” referencing an indigenous group prevalent alongside the Pacific Northwestern coast.

It’s exhausting to know what to make tales the likes of Charley Victor’s uncommon story a couple of Man of the woods who spoke to him. Whereas some have identified that speech amongst animals is a standard perception within the context of American Indian legends, such dialogue is way much less usually likened to particular dialects shared amongst varied Native teams. Taking the tales of Man of the woods language for what they’re, they current a peculiar footnote within the broader narrative of huge, monstrous humanoids stated to inhabit America’s most distant areas.

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