Yowie Hunter Says Yowie Left Handprint on His Vehicle

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Whenever you go Yowie looking, you anticipate (or hope) to seek out what Yowie hunter Jason Heal has seen, heard, smelled and felt:

… growling, rocks thrown, tree branches snapped, scary smells, felt as if we’re being watched, seen many foot prints, felt like being adopted strolling out in the course of no the place late at evening.

What you don’t anticipate finding is Yowie messing along with your wheels. But that’s precisely what Heal says he discovered on a latest journey – a Yowie hand or paw print on the rear window of his dusty Jeep.

Heal is one half of the crew of Jason Heal and Jason Dunn, higher referred to as J & J Yowie Search. They made information in April 2014 once they launched a video of a Yowie (Australia’s Man of the woods) recorded in South Queensland which they claimed to have lured to their infrared tree digicam with apples, the favourite meals of many furry cryptids.

Check out this video, We consider its a younger Yowie Within the early morning on saturday 29/03/2014. Watch the way it strikes facet to facet the way in which it lifts its head because it seems to be on the apples on the rock. You possibly can see the eyes shine because it concentrates on the apples Taking no discover of the Infrared from the tree digicam..

That video was met with skepticism on account of its high quality and the story about getting the Yowie’s consideration with apples.

The newest video was posted by Heal on March 9, 2015. Right here’s what he says occurred:

Headed to a Pine Forest to gather my tree cam. Again at my jeep I seen a really massive handprint on the again window.

Heal believes the print was made in that spot as a result of he at all times picks up mud on that highway. The massive print has 5 fingers or appendages and 5 lengthy claws. It does not seem he discovered every other prints on the Jeep or the bottom.

Did Heal’s Jeep get admired by a Yowie? There are not any bears or animals roaming jap Australia which may match the print. The print isn’t humanoid however many consider Yowie is extra animal-like. No matter it’s, it’s positive to trigger arguments amongst Yowie hunters, believers and skeptics.

What do you suppose?

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