Droitwich “Bedroom Abduction” Video Once Again in the Spotlight after Comments by UFO Investigator Nick Pope

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UFO investigator Dave Hodrien defined in a report printed to the BUFOG web site final September that the occasion captured on digicam occurred as a part of a “observe on” abduction simply six days after the witness’s preliminary expertise.

Hodrien used the pseudonym “Susan” for the witness to guard her privateness.

“The expertise started at an unknown time of the night time and felt to Susan like a vivid dream on the time,” Hadrien stated. “The primary uncommon factor that occurred was that she heard a buzzing sound inside her head. Sounds corresponding to this are sometimes heard by contactees instantly previous to or after experiences. She then felt the acquainted feeling of being drawn alongside a darkened tunnel, just like in her earlier expertise. Subsequent, she discovered herself in a room which reminded her of a physician’s workplace. The partitions have been coated in brown picket panels. As soon as once more, she was mendacity down, however this time seemed to be on a flat desk, bare and coated in a skinny white sheet. There was some sort of pillow underneath her head.”

Susan seemed to her proper and noticed a “scary wanting little man” with brief, crimson hair and “very pale pores and skin,” who was sporting darkish glasses and a white physician’s coat.

The “little man” instructed Susan that it was a physician with out opening its mouth, in a method that appeared to her as if the voice was “instantly inside her thoughts.”

To Susan’s left was a tall being that she acknowledged from her earlier abduction expertise.

The “brief physician” moved its arms carefully over Susan’s physique with out touching her, talking in her thoughts because it did so.

Susan reported that the being instructed her she had a abdomen ulcer that wasn’t inflicting her any discomfort, and that she had low blood sugar however wasn’t diabetic.

She turned frightened that the “physician” was getting ready to present her dangerous information, however as an alternative, it moved its arms additional down, over her uterus, and instructed her to not fear.

Following that, Susan felt like she was dashing alongside a tunnel and awakened the following morning.

In keeping with Hodrien, “When she obtained up and seemed in a mirror, Susan additionally seen there have been two non-symmetrical bruises on her stomach across the space of her ovaries. She additionally began bleeding once more, extra closely this time. Within the weeks after the expertise, Susan discovered that she now has a traditional 28-day menstrual cycle, whereas earlier than her experiences it was all the time an irregular 45-day cycle. She appears to have been altered completely ultimately.”

Hodrien included an evaluation of the video in his report.

As a part of that evaluation, he famous that, even after Susan’s “disappearance,” there’s motion in direction of the top and foot of the mattress and “there seems to be what stands out as the base of her foot protruding from underneath one of many folds within the mattress cowl.”

“This does stay at some point of the footage, which might counsel that she was not bodily taken,” Hodrien stated. “Nonetheless, it’s potential that it isn’t her foot however simply an empty fold creating the impression there’s something there. Sadly, the footage shouldn’t be clear sufficient to say both method for particular.”

Hodrien additionally speculated that the kidnapping expertise may need been metaphysical in nature and Susan’s consciousness may need been taken, however her bodily physique didn’t, in truth, go anyplace.

On this state of affairs, an optical phantasm is responsible for Susan’s “disappearance”; a robust chance provided that her foot appeared to stay seen for the length.

Maybe she merely rolled onto her abdomen and was considerably much less seen underneath the quilt after doing so, solely to “reappear” as soon as she rolled again over to her aspect.

Regardless of this, Hodrien stated he believes the kidnapping to have been a bodily occasion.

“Personally, I really feel that there’s sufficient proof to counsel that the observe on abduction actually happened and was not only a scary dream, there are too many elements of it which slot in with contact,” he stated. “It additionally seems to have been a bodily abduction slightly than metaphysical. Due to this fact, except confirmed in any other case, I at present really feel that the footage is real and truly reveals Susan dematerializing from the mattress.”

Pope, then again, was not keen to make such determinations.

“I’ve seen this video earlier than and I briefly met the couple involved, although I have not investigated the case personally. Frankly, there’s not a lot center floor right here: it is both a hoax, or one thing genuinely spooky and—maybe—out of this world. Sadly, I would taken early retirement from the MoD earlier than I noticed this video,” he instructed Birmingham Stay in an interview this month. “If I had the footage whereas I used to be engaged on the UFO desk, and if I additionally had entry to the digicam tools, I may have secured a correct scientific evaluation utilizing intelligence neighborhood imagery evaluation sources and capabilities. That may rapidly have instructed me if the footage was real or had been faked.”

Whereas alien abductions weren’t one thing Pope handled often in his time with the MoD, the topic did come up.

“Whereas alien abductions weren’t formally in our phrases of reference on the UFO mission, you’ll be able to’t examine UFOs with out discovering your self drawn into the talk about alien abductions. Folks did contact us about abductions and different so-called alien contact experiences, however I needed to tread fastidiously, as a result of it has been MoD coverage for many years to minimize our curiosity and involvement within the UFO phenomenon,” he stated. “So, getting too carefully concerned in abduction analysis may have brought about excessive political embarrassment if it had been discovered. I had some concepts although: blood and DNA exams of abductees would have been a great begin, in a double-blind research with a management group of people that don’t have any such experiences.”

“We may even have tasked the SAS with enterprise covert surveillance of abductees’ homes, dressing the entire thing up as a coaching train. However the danger of publicity was too large,” Pope added.

Nonetheless, he stated, governmental curiosity in such phenomena would possibly enhance with renewed curiosity in UFOs—though it is not fairly there but.

“The truth that the US Congress and NASA are taking UFOs significantly has lessened the stigma of creating a sighting report, although worry of being disbelieved or ridiculed might be nonetheless an element for some individuals. However alien abductions are most likely a bridge too far, in the interim,” Pope stated. “Maybe that may change, however for now, within the US not less than, the main focus is on pilots and radar operators who’ve seen or tracked UFOs, and on intelligence neighborhood personnel who’ve been concerned in UFO packages. Congressional representatives are comfy with that, as a result of they’ll body the UFO phenomenon as a protection and nationwide safety challenge. Abductions could be a more durable promote.”

In Pope’s opinion, this may probably result in extra investigations carried out by civilian organizations.

“What all this implies is that persons are most likely extra and open-minded about UFOs than they’ve ever been, however that having abduction experiences are nonetheless unlikely to return ahead in nice numbers,” he defined. “Sadly—as a result of a few of these persons are genuinely traumatized—they will need to take care of issues themselves or contact civilian UFO organizations.”

And whereas Pope stated he was “open-minded” concerning the abduction phenomenon, he nonetheless believes that some instances may be defined by hoaxes and hallucinations.

“Through the years I’ve met sufficient individuals who declare to have had alien abduction experiences to say that almost all appear honest, with no indicators of psychopathology. As with UFOs, there’s unlikely to be a single rationalization right here,” he stated. “Some instances will probably be hoaxes, some stands out as the product of vivid desires and hallucinations, and a few could also be false recollections ensuing from regression hypnosis. However as with UFOs, it solely takes one case to be real and we’re in game-changing, paradigm-shifting territory.”

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