Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: Addressing Truth, Bass, and Vault ( James Tucker )

by admin

God compels me. I wrestled with it as Jacob wrestled with the Angel of The Lord all night and all day. I have been given the yoke of honoring men of strong character, boldness, passion and intelligence in this field. Many look at this as some possible chess move in a greater game of deception, which weighs heavily on my heart because sincerity is an obscurity to such people. When I drew attention to the already earned and constantly growing admiration received from the denizens of the cryptid world for the twins, Bass and Truth, it was in keeping with the mission given to me to elevate men and women of this field who are at present, have in the past and will in the future lead this field of pseudoscientific zoology/angelology. Even with the loss of close friends I considered brother and subscribers that were with me from the beginning I will continue to pay homage and respect to the people who’s hearts are in this small community for the people, not the monsters. Bass and Truth, independent of myself or anyone else deserve the best of everything that the YouTube platform has to offer them. Every opportunity they’ll receive will be from the sweat of their brow and in this I have faith that they’ll remain humble, honorable men. Men who put the community above their own interests. Truth, the intellectual juggernaut that’s propelled forward by an insatiable need to bring truth  and the everyman Bass are twins in name only as they often don’t share the same opinions but, in this, shine as an example of proper discourse within the various topics they cover.

From conspiracies to cryptids “Impromptu Truth” is a YouTube channel for all the oversized kids who possess copious amounts of pop culture/comic/movie knowledge as well as the homemade detectives and stoic intellectuals of the Cryptid/UFO communities. In stark contrast Bass is the relatable everyman that has those simple nuggets of old school wisdom that often go unspoken in today’s society. Their interview on the 11th of November will be one of many victories Truth will partake in because of his tenacity and work ethic. Not because of some periodical or coaching or greased palms. To witness his hard work and say otherwise would be foolishness. Unfortunately the foolishness is an unfortunate part of the community that I have the honor to represent. Many people have asked about my former friendship with Vault and all the anger malice he seems to hold for me. I’ll say what I’ve been saying both privately and publicly-: I love the man and continue to pray for him. It’s disappointing to see the speed in which a man who’s embraced me as a brother has turned his heart against me. That being said, God judges the hearts of man, not me, not an audience and not Vault. I hope and pray that peace sweeps through our small community to combat the tempest rising swiftly in the sea. In the meantime let’s all give the twins the support, prayers and encouragement they’ll need to sail these treacherous seas until the storm subsides, giving way to the calm waters.

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