Kerry Arnold: We Think He Found Bigfoot

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When the average person thinks about bigfoot first thing that comes to mind are bumper stickers and TV shows like Hunting Bigfoot. In our opinion, that is level 1 knowledge of the subject of cryptids, a watered-down version of the witnesses who have encountered them.

Then there is Kerry Arnold and the Bigfoot Odyssey boasting over thirty thousand followers on YouTube, four teen documentary films, and a wagon full of evidence and real-world field experience.

Recently he joined the Dark Waters Podcast to discuss the spiritual side of bigfoot encounters. Still, that conversation was short-lived when Kerry released evidence recently captured while he and Mark Zaskey were down in the Florida Swamp. 

” We named him Bruce Banner,” Looking at the evidence, Kerry shared, it’s the face of what he calls a Wildman. Even though skeptics and purists will say, ” is that the best you got? ” or “That is a person in a mask! ”

Kerry is confident that he is capturing evidence that even the worst skeptic will have to admit there is something strange amidst. The bigfoot community is chock full of factions Authors, Field Investigators, Hoax Identifiers, and Evidence Analyzers, but in our opinion, there is only one investigator like Kerry Arnold. 

He has invested over twenty thousand dollars in equipment for field investigations, donated countless dollars of equipment to other field investigators, and is just getting started. 

During the interview, he disclosed other photos and personal experiences while on their investigation site that were beyond terrifying. Example: He and his research partner drive up to the area, park, gather equipment, and hike into the woods, only to hear the sound of his car alarm. 

” We are the only people out here for miles, and it’s terrifying when you know you are alone and something is messing with your only transportation. We are in the middle of nowhere, man! ”

Kerry goes on to share more evidence gathered on his recent expedition. The Swamp review is a live YouTube stream where he analyses his findings. We strongly recommend you take a moment to check it out. 

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