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The Nitelife And Strange Events In The Woods

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Nick Gilliland joined the Dark Waters Channel to discuss the nightlife. According to Nick, the novice can understand the nightlife only by envisioning the everyday pressures of life, the day job, bills, and even marital issues. 

The nightlife serves as an escape from the overwhelming obligations of life and is a return to a simpler environment where it’s just a man, his dog, and the woods. Nick gave an in-depth explanation of what it takes to hunt raccoons. During that conversation segment, he sounded like a professor in the classroom teaching, explaining, and detailing each step of the hunt. The type of dog used and the dogs’ personality traits even describe how genetically the hunting dogs differ intellectually and emotionally. 

Then the conversation pivoted to the strange events he and his friends encountered in the woods, highlighting his encounter with an unknown creature that closed in on one of his dogs at night. ” It cleared this thick brush fast, made contact with my dog, sent it rolling and whimpering. This thing didn’t even break stride, then jumped into a tree and maneuvered across the trail without me getting a glimpse of fur. ” 

He then shared another encounter where his hunting partner went ahead of him in the woods because his dog had marked a coon. By the time he arrived, his friend was afraid after hearing what sounded like and blood-curling scream in the woods, unlike anything he had ever heard. 

This interview was both informative and terrifying. We suggest you take a listen to it you won’t be disappointed. You can find the interview here. Nitelife Kennel’s Nick Gilliland Interview

We also suggest that you subscribe to Nicks’s channel. Nitelife Kennel Youtube Channel 

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