Nick Valente

Director Of NADRP Region 3

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Regarding the topic of Dogman, many names are synonymous with the subject. People like Jodey Cook, Linda Godfrey, Vic Cundiff, and Nick Redfern. Last month we had the pleasure of being joined by a field investigator whose name is also synonymous with the subject of Dogman.
Nick Valente.

Nick shared his Dogman encounter where he saw one of these creatures alongside a road at night and went so far as to shine a light on it to get a better look ( Pure Badass Move), and the one thing that resonated with him was that it did not view him as a threat at all. The following day he went out and measured its height using a stop sign as a reference and realized it was 7 feet 7 inches tall. He called it a werewolf for lack of words at that moment, but that was what started him on the journey into the field of Dogman research.

I found the conversation with Nick to be delightful and genuine. After speaking with hundreds of eyewitnesses, it was a relief to talk to someone with such knowledge in the field based on his encounters and field research. Many of the concepts i hear are regurgitated nonsense based on hearsay that speaking to Nick was inspirational and a change of pace.

Nick Valente is the director of Region 3 for the North American Dogman project, a group of like-minded professionals whose focus is solving the mystery of Dogman. After speaking to multiple members of this project, it is clear they have formalized a system for gathering evidence and taking field reports. Nick mentioned having a hair sample analyzed, and the DNA returned as an unknown canine. It was an absolute pleasure having Nick Valente swim with us in the Dark Waters; we will have him back soon.

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