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Walking In The Footsteps Of Art Bell

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In 1978, Art Bell began broadcasting a new radio show called “West Coast AM”. The show aired on the Las Vegas radio station KDWN, and became one of the best known late-night political call-in shows on air. He ran the show for years, before finally deciding to go solo.

His personal interests got the better of him, and 10 years later, Bell decided it was time to move the show to a new audiences. He renamed the show “Coast to Coast AM” in 1988, and moved it’s broadcasting base from the Plaza hotel in Las Vegas, to his own home in Pahrump. The show went from covering topics in politics, to covering all aspects of the mysterious and paranormal.

Listeners were open to new, interesting topics, and Bell managed to maintain his audience and captivate them with tales of all kinds of mysterious happenings around the world. The popular TV show the X-Files managed to open minds, and Bell had built the right platform for inquisitive minds.

Coast to Coast AM reached new heights, and became a huge success pulling in more than 10 million weekly listeners, airing across more than 500 radio stations.

Art Bell became of the most famous radio broadcasters, until his retirement in 2000. The show is still popular today, and is hosted by George Noory, but the advent of the internet has allowed for new broadcasters to make a name for themselves, opening up the industry to new voices.

One of those new voices is Shawn Graham. Listeners have likened him to Art Bell, with an interest in the same topics, he hosts a similar call-in radio show, and one of the few paranormal live call-in shows on YouTube.

Graham’s show has become a platform for people to share their own paranormal experiences and beliefs, discuss the latest topics in detail, while at the same time taking a level-headed, skeptical approach to try and find a rational explanation for peoples’ paranormal experiences. He welcomes callers from all over the world that provide arguments for and against paranormal activity.

His show continues to grow at a rapid rate, and has become one of the top 15 radio shows on the paranormal radio app. His show is called “Chasing the truth” and if you’re not already listening, it’s well worth it.

The latest caller on the show was a lady in Florida called Catalyst. She called the show to discuss her experiences with the Dogman phenomena. Shawn Graham’s analysis is a breath of fresh air. His skepticism alongside a detailed account of callers’ personal experiences makes for great entertainment, and will surely open your eyes to new ideas and possibilities. The truth is out there, and Shawn Graham is out to find it.

You can follow Shawn Graham’s paranormal call-in show on the Dark Waters YouTube channel, at:

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