Taking A Moment To Appreciate Dogman Encounters Radio

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When it comes to the topic of Dogman, there are only a few names that are synonymous with the field. One such name is Vic Cundiff. A deep dive into who and who he is and his location

is what the average reporter would do because he keeps this air of mystery around himself.

However, mystery and intrigue aside, you must admire his body of work. Starting in early 2014, he has consistently produced episodes of his show Dogman Encounters Radio. Where he focuses on Dogmen eyewitness and their encounters, truthfully, when it comes to the topic of Dogman, Vic Cundiff is one of the pillars of the Dogman community. Yes, there is plenty of drama to go around, but put that aside for a moment if you can.

Let’s look at some facts Dogman Encounters Radio has uploaded over 420 episodes. In perspective, the average high school basketball game has 400-500 attendees. Vic Cundiff single-handedly has located and identified a high school gymnasium full of eyewitnesses worldwide. That alone should be recognized and celebrated.

Suppose you have a weird encounter with something in the woods that looks like a walking wolf and some understanding about what just transpired. Vic Cundiffs’ Dogman Encounters Radio is one of the places you need to listen. If you are looking for information, it’s an excellent place to start. You can find Vic Cundiff’s channel here.

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