Twin Brothers: Bass and Truth Search The Truth

Hodge Twins 2.0

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It’s always exciting to promote up-and-coming talent in the paranormal community. This field is highly competitive and the thorn in the side of many upstarting YouTubers is getting attention from a larger audience. I remember when I first started the constant content creation and what felt like no progress until Dave Schrader came along and noticed my talents and then it was off to the moon.
Let me be the first to tell you about two relatively new content creators. Twin Brothers, Bass and Truth, and their YouTube channel Impromptu Truth. This channel will blow up. Why? Because they bring a unique dynamic to the table found nowhere on the internet outside of the Hodge Twins. The comradery between siblings is amazing to watch. Your eyes observe two people who physically look the same but have varying opinions on subjects. I find myself in awe watching the two of them go back and forth on topics ranging from Dogman, Bigfoot, UFOs, and Black-eyed kids. They are on the cusp of greatness, and I anticipate the two of them will be future powerhouses in the paranormal and cryptid community, granted they can grow past what has become known as the wonder years of YouTube.
The period where you as a creator are finding yourself figuring out the direction you want to go, while simultaneously people leech on early because they see the potential in you and your brand.
As for us here at Dark Waters Entertainment, we see greatness, we see a uniqueness that is only found in some of the most successful influencers on YouTube. Truth’s affinity for the strange and weird shines forth the most out of the two brothers and they have a unique way of playing both sides of an argument, creating this tension that sometimes feels real but you know at the end of the day. These are BROTHERS, and BROTHERS don’t truly disrespect each other in that manner.  I can see these two quickly growing in subscribers, and truthfully the sky’s the limit. Hodge Twins 2.0 should be taking the cryptid community by storm soon, and remember you heard it here first.

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