Say Hello To Mogs - What The Fascination YouTube Channel

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Mogs, as he as affectionately known to his audience, is a unique character in the world of bigfoot. His channel, WTF, is a community hangout where anyone can appear and speak their mind.

Other times Mogs serves as the level-headed referee in disputes, maintaining an air of tranquility while all hell is breaking loose around him. Mog, whose real name we don’t have permission to share, is a military veteran, and the discipline he maintains in conversation shows it.

I have watched many discussions on this channel, from contentious confrontations to fiery debates. Mogs and his show What The Fascination is the equivalent of a town hall meeting in the bigfoot field where tempers fly. He plays the role of the Mayor for his fraction of the Bigfoot and Conspiracy community, sporting his trademark red or blue headband.

If you are looking for a show that guarantees a delicious slice of random and spontaneous conversation, then What The Fascination, hosted By Mogs, is it.

There is no telling what the topic will be, and it’s all good. Why? Because the show formate indeed encourages others to share their opinions. You can find WTF Hosted by Mogs here. 

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