Illinois Woman Reports Childhood Sighting of Six-Foot-Tall, Bipedal Rabbit on Easter

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The Singular Fortean Society was contacted just lately by Sharon, an Illinois lady who stated that when she was eight or 9 years previous she awoke early on Easter morning to see a six-foot-tall, white, bipedal rabbit sporting a black vest embroidered with multicolored glass beads hopping by her yard.

Sharon advised investigator Tobias Wayland that she was impressed to share her story after studying a Reviews from the Void entry entitled Unusual Encounter on Easter, which handled the same sighting.

[I was] impressed [to contact you] by [an] e mail you acquired [on January 10th, 2022], as a result of it was similar to my expertise,” she wrote in correspondence to the investigator, “here is what occurred.”

It was simply after solar up Easter morning 1961 or 1962, a bit of north of Northwestern College in Illinois. I used to be eight or 9 years previous and knew there have been two Easter bunnies known as Mother and Dad. I’ve by no means preferred mornings, however I wakened that morning simply because it began to get mild, and determined to take a look at the Easter baskets for my little sister and me.

They have been on the espresso desk within the den, I sat on the sofa and commenced inspecting the hampers, once I noticed one thing uncommon in our again yard. I might hardly miss it as a result of it was in direct line of sight with the hampers and it was large. It was a six-foot-tall, white, bipedal rabbit sporting a black vest embroidered with little glass beads of all colours (or so it appeared).

It was about 15 ft from the home, going through away from it, so I noticed it in profile. It was standing nonetheless subsequent to our seven-foot-tall blue spruce tree, about 25 to 30 ft away from me, for possibly half a minute, lengthy sufficient for me to get an excellent have a look at it. It by no means appeared in my path; it took a brief step earlier than it hopped like a kangaroo however with shorter hops, and every hop was double the velocity of the final, and the rabbit rapidly grew to become a white and black (the vest) blur and vanished earlier than it will have hit the again fence.

After that, I poked my head into Mother and Dad’s bed room, to not see if one among them had placed on the present, as a result of I already knew that it was not an individual in a rabbit costume; but when they have been awake, I needed to inform them what I noticed. They have been dozing and so was my sister, so I went again to mattress and wakened at a standard time. I by no means uttered a sound from the time I first wakened, till the second time. Even our Airedale Terrier slept by it.

Everybody’s first precedence was the Easter basket opening ceremony and that is once I advised my complete household what I noticed, who beloved it, particularly my sister who was three or 4 years previous. I’ve by no means been shy about telling people what I noticed that Easter morning from the beginning till this present day. I am not the Lone Ranger; I’ve heard different encounters with large bunnies, be it Easter or not. It’s my solely anomalous expertise (apart from an NDE round age 5) till a long time later.

Though Sharon hasn’t seen any large animals, rabbits or in any other case, since that morning, she was reminded of the expertise whereas watching tv a few years later.

“I’ve not seen an actual large rabbit or every other large animal earlier than or since, however half a century later, a associated incident chilled me to the bone,” she stated. “It was an early scene in Steven Spielberg’s miniseries Taken. Once I noticed the boy opening his shuttered bed room window in the midst of the night time to see a large squirrel (?) beckoning him, my coronary heart jumped into my throat, my knees practically buckled, and I had shivers from head to toe. I grew up watching Svengoolie and by no means had that form of response.”

The incident prompted her to query the character of her personal expertise.

“Since then I’ve requested myself, did I see the Easter Bunny or an ET posing because the Easter bunny? I am going with the actual Easter bunny, as a result of it was and nonetheless is enjoyable, and I’ve by no means had any recollection of abduction or lacking time,” she stated.

Sharon additionally offered the Singular Fortean Society with an illustration of the expertise that she created in Photoshop (pictured above).

“It isn’t picture realism, so right here’s a proof of what’s pictured: backside proper is the Easter basket, then our massive sliding glass door to the again patio with drapes pulled again on the left and proper sides, then the bunny and tree, and final is the wooden fence alongside the aspect of our yard,” she defined.

The expertise has left an indelible mark on Sharon’s reminiscence, one that continues to be as crisp and clear right this moment because it did that spring morning a long time in the past.

“Even after 60 years, the image in my mind is 3D actual—the grass, the needles on the blue spruce, and the snow-white fur and massive, shiny, black eyes of the bunny,” she stated.

The reminiscence is so highly effective, actually, that even right this moment the idiosyncrasies of its supply stick out to her.

“Be aware that strong white rabbits I’ve seen in pet shops and county gala’s have pink eyes,” she added.

Whereas uncommon, reported encounters with mythological beings related to main holidays are usually not extraordinary.

Along with the Reviews from the Void talked about by Sharon, the Singular Fortean Society acquired a report late final yr from witness Haley Pearce, who stated that when she was eight years previous she had stepped outdoors of the Christmas Eve service at her native church in Lancaster, Ohio, solely to see what gave the impression to be a sleigh pulled by reindeer flying overhead.

Researcher Stephen Wagner posted a listing of over a dozen such sightings that he has compiled to the web site LiveAbout, up to date most just lately in 2019.

The witnesses in these encounters are, unsurprisingly, nearly completely youngsters, with the lone outlier being a sighting of what was, in all probability, a superbly regular human being.

The sighting studies are both partially or solely nameless and usually describe up-close encounters with Santa Claus inside the witness’s house.

As far as the Singular Fortean Society is conscious, the report submitted by Pearce very nicely could possibly be the primary such sighting to be given fully on the report.

A number of competing hypotheses exist to elucidate these holiday-themed encounters, with essentially the most skeptical together with goals, hallucinations, misidentifications, and outright hoaxes, whereas extra paranormal explanations embody Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and different such entities as residing thoughtforms, together with the likelihood that these pictures are getting used as a disguise or in any other case projected by one other, unrelated paranormal entity or phenomenon.

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