Kenneth Arnold’s Historic “Flying Saucer” Sighting Turns 75

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However Arnold’s sighting wasn’t with out corroboration.

On July 4th, the Oregon Day by day Journal in Portland acquired a letter from L.G. Bernier of Richland, Washington—110 miles east of Mount Adams and 140 miles southeast of Mount Rainier.

Bernier claimed to have seen three of the objects flying over Richland at extraordinarily excessive velocity a few half an hour earlier than Arnold.

“I’ve seen a P-38 seem seemingly on one horizon after which gone to the alternative horizon very quickly in any respect, however these disks actually had been touring sooner than any P-38,” he mentioned. “Little doubt Mr. Arnold noticed them just some minutes or seconds later, in response to their velocity.”

He described them as flying “nearly edgewise” and thought the three had been half of a bigger formation.

In the meantime, about 60 miles west-northwest of Richland, a lady named Ethel Wheelhouse in Yakima, Washington, additionally reported seeing a number of flying discs transferring startlingly quick at across the similar time.

An investigation accomplished by navy intelligence in early July turned up a member of the Washington State Forest Service who mentioned he’d been on fireplace watch in a tower at Diamond Hole, roughly 20 miles south of Yakima, when he noticed a number of “flashes” over Mount Rainier at the very same time as Arnold’s sighting. They seemed to be transferring in a straight line.

On the similar time, Sidney B. Gallagher of Washington reportedly noticed 9 shiny discs flying to the north.

Then, on July 4th, a United Airways crew over Idaho, enroute to Seattle, reportedly witnessed 5 to 9 disclike objects tempo their plane for 10 to fifteen minutes earlier than instantly disappearing.

Additionally, on the identical day as Arnold’s sighting, the Oregon Day by day Journal reported that two males from Oklahoma Metropolis had additionally seen 9 unidentified flying objects, which one of many males mentioned had been “a shiny silvery coloration—very massive—and . . . transferring at a terrific charge of velocity.” The identical paper additionally reported on a person in Kansas Metropolis, Missouri, who mentioned he’d seen the identical objects whereas engaged on a roof, saying that “they had been flying so quick I barely had time to rely them earlier than they had been gone. They had been leaving vapor trails.”

Arnold’s sighting was reported simply two weeks previous to when Roswell Military Air Area public data officer Walter Haut issued a press launch stating that personnel from the 509th Operations Group had recovered a “flying disc” after it crashed on the J.B. Foster ranch, following the reported discovery of particles of unknown origin there by foreman William Brazel someday between mid-June and early July.

Curiosity in UFOs on the time was excessive, and in 1948 the U.S. Air Drive started Venture Signal to analyze such experiences.

In line with Main Edward J. Ruppelt, who wrote about Venture Check in his 1956 e book The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects,

I discovered that there was plenty of hypothesis on this report. Two factions at [the Air Technical Intelligence Center] had joined up behind two traces of reasoning. One aspect mentioned that Arnold had seen plain, on a regular basis jet airplanes flying in formation. This aspect’s argument was based mostly on the bodily limitations of the human eye, visible acuity, the attention’s means to see a small, distant object . . . The “Arnold-saw-airplanes” faction maintained that since Arnold mentioned that the objects had been 45 to 50 ft lengthy they’d have needed to be a lot nearer than he had estimated or he could not even have seen them in any respect.


The opposite aspect did not purchase this concept in any respect. They based mostly their argument on the truth that Arnold knew the place the objects had been when he timed them . . . To cinch this level the truth that the objects had handed behind a mountain peak was introduced up. This positively established the space the objects had been from Arnold and confirmed his calculated 1,700-miles-per-hour velocity. Moreover, no airplane can weave out and in between mountain peaks within the quick time that Arnold was watching them. The visible acuity issue solely strengthened the “Arnold-saw-a- flying-saucer” faction’s concept that what he’d seen was a spaceship. If he might see the objects 20 to 25 miles away, they should have been about 210 ft lengthy as an alternative of the poorly estimated 45 to 50 ft.

Thus far, there is no such thing as a definitive clarification for what Kenneth Arnold witnessed.

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