Man Reports “Black Thing” with Wings near St. Joseph Cemetery in River Grove, Illinois

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Lon Strickler of Phantoms & Monsters obtained the next report from a person who claimed he was using in a automobile pushed by his fiancé on April twentieth at round 9 a.m. when he noticed a wierd, black, winged creature flying close to St. Joseph Cemetery in River Grove, Illinois.

I’ve lived in Franklin Park, Illinois for a number of years now and have been following all of the Chicago Mothman sightings. I had a day without work work on April twentieth (2022) this yr, and my fiancé and I have been driving on W Belmont Ave going east round 9 a.m. (it was W Belmont Ave proper after River Rd).

I used to be looking the window (my fiancé was driving) and I noticed over St. Joseph Cemetery, flying excessive up, this black factor. At first I assumed it’d’ve been a drone, however the way in which it was flying, I might inform it was not any sort of plane or chook that I’ve ever seen. It was all black and I might see it had wings, however I could not see every other options and no head. It wasn’t flapping its wings both. It was simply flying extraordinarily quick at an angle.

I yelled to my fiancé, “Do you see that?”

She could not see because it was nearly gone and plus she was driving.

I stated, “I feel that is the Mothman factor everyone seems to be seeing! It needs to be!”

However she dismissed it and stated I used to be loopy.

I actually thought of not reporting it, till this morning once I noticed somebody reported seeing three of those black issues. The video is strictly what I noticed, besides it was just one I noticed, not three just like the particular person and his daughter in Bensenville.

I am not an artist, however as the times have been passing I made a decision to attract what I noticed, I’ve enclosed the pic I drew on my cellphone. It was simply this black factor. I didn’t take an image or video as a result of it will’ve been only a small dot with how briskly it was flying into the clouds.

Strickler famous that the witness “was reluctant so as to add extra info due to his fiancé,” however he was capable of finding out a number of extra particulars relating to the sighting, which he then added to the account.

The report and video referenced by this witness are from a person who stated he was exterior along with his daughter in Bensenville, Illinois, when, at roughly 4 p.m. on Could seventeenth, they witnessed “three human-shaped objects that regarded like that they had wings flying overhead.”

The villages of Bensenville and River Grove are each immediately adjoining to O’Hare Worldwide Airport, which has been the epicenter of latest winged humanoid sightings within the Lake Michigan Mothman investigation, with over a dozen sighting experiences coming from the airport itself since August of 2019, and plenty of extra reported within the surrounding communities. Reviews from the bigger investigation have come from each state bordering Lake Michigan and date again to 1957.

As well as, each circumstances talked about above bear a powerful resemblance to at least one that occurred in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood in Could of 2018.

That sighting concerned a person who was bicycling to work one afternoon when he noticed what he would later describe to investigators as a “bat-like” creature resembling “somebody in a wingsuit,” though the encounter didn’t mirror the seemingly paranormal features of another winged humanoid circumstances or embody any reported excessive strangeness.

The person had a GoPro digicam that was filming throughout the occasion connected to his bicycle helmet, and helped the Singular Fortean Society isolate a number of stills of the creature from the video. The creature, upon examination of this proof, seemed to be a chook.

Investigator Tobias Wayland in the end discovered the witness credible, in that he confirmed no indication in any respect that he was trying to hoax his sighting. Quite, the person appeared genuinely confused by what he had seen.

“As time has handed, I’m nonetheless unsure of what precisely I noticed,” the witness stated of his expertise. “Actually not one of the birds I usually see flying are comparable, however I’m more and more extra accepting to the concept that this might have been a really massive migratory chook.”

Springtime sees an inflow of enormous migratory birds—reminiscent of cranes and herons—into the higher Midwest, and it’s potential that has led to misidentifications, particularly since research have proven that some species are roosting extra usually in city areas because of the destruction of their common wetland habitats.

This report constitutes the most recent information in a string of ‘Mothman’ sightings from inside a number of hundred mile radius surrounding Lake Michigan, together with each state bordering the nice lake. These sightings ostensibly started within the spring of 2017, however extra historic accounts are being reported as extra folks turn into conscious of the phenomenon. They typically happen within the night or at night time, usually in or close to a park or pure space, and round water. Witnesses constantly describe a big grey, brown, or black, bat or bird-like creature—though in a small variety of circumstances the creature was described as insect-like—generally with glowing or reflective crimson, yellow, inexperienced, or orange eyes, and humanoid options reminiscent of legs and arms are sometimes reported. Some witnesses have reported feeling intense concern and an aura of evil emanating from the creature they encountered. Most of the sightings are additionally of one thing seen solely briefly or are described solely as a flying creature with few particulars, which leaves open the chance {that a} misidentified massive chook—reminiscent of a heron or crane—or some kind of anomalous avian species might clarify some, though definitely not all, of the encounters. A lot of related excessive strangeness incidents have additionally occurred alongside the creature sightings; these embody experiences of UFOs, different anomalous flying creatures and mysterious humanoids, parapsychological phenomena, and weird occasions skilled by these investigating the sightings.

To report a sighting attain out to us immediately at The Singular Fortean Society by way of our contact web page.

You possibly can view a timeline of the sightings to date right here.

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