Man Reports “Large Black Figure” Lurking near Quann Dog Park in Madison, Wisconsin

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The Singular Fortean Society was not too long ago made conscious of a sighting report submitted to the Madison, Wisconsin subreddit on social media web site Reddit.

In keeping with that report, a person was visiting Quann Canine Park in Madison when he noticed what he described as a “massive black determine” lurking within the woods close by.

I could have seen one thing close to Quann Canine Park [and] my finest guess can be that it was Mothman. Trying off in direction of a spot within the bushes subsequent to the railroad tracks was a big black determine. It was like somebody with soccer shoulder pads had a giant black cloak over themselves, peeking out, or perhaps a gigantic black bear for some motive, I believed.

It didn’t make sense to me. It gave the impression to be looking onto the park and undoubtedly observed me noticing it. They crouched down a bit and issues shifted. I couldn’t get nearer [from] the place I used to be due to the fence (canine/child) so we walked round and up the bike path, however I didn’t see something.

Are there homeless people who sleep up by the tracks in these woods?

I’ll at all times simply assume it was Mothman.

The woods are west of Quann Canine Park and run alongside each the railroad tracks and Wingra Creek, which border the park to its west and northwest, respectively.

Investigator Tobias Wayland contacted the witness, who revealed himself to be a 41-year-old man residing in Madison. He agreed to be interviewed over the cellphone by Tobias however requested that he be saved nameless.

In the course of the interview, the person reaffirmed his earlier testimony and added some particulars that had been not noted.

He instructed Tobias that he was roughly 200 to 250 ft from the determine throughout his sighting, which occurred at roughly 9 a.m. on July twenty eighth and lasted between 30 and 45 seconds.

“I overpassed it once I wanted to concentrate to my canine,” the person stated.

The determine, described as “somebody carrying shoulder pads and a giant, black cloak,” gave the impression to be roughly seven to eight ft tall and three to 4 ft broad.

He stated the determine “crouched down and unfold out” when he noticed it, as if it had been reacting to being noticed.

Neither his canine nor another canine current reacted to the determine, though, he stated, that might have been as a result of they had been too distracted from taking part in with each other.

The person had his toddler son in a child service strapped throughout his chest and his canine was working unfastened within the park, each of which prevented him from taking speedy motion to pursue and examine the determine.

Nonetheless, he stated, when he returned later to look at the realm, he discovered no proof of human habitation.

“There was nothing there,” he stated, “no tarp, sleeping bag, nothing.”

Tobias and Emily Wayland visited the park on the morning of August thirteenth to analyze the sighting.

Tobias entered the woods however may discover no indicators of habitation, human or in any other case. Whereas there was some particles current, it represented nothing that couldn’t moderately be assumed to be litter in step with what one would look forward to finding subsequent to a biking/strolling path.

The undergrowth within the woods is overgrown in the summertime, which might make tenting troublesome.

Moreover, not one of the foliage appeared to have been flattened or eliminated.

This sighting of an anomalous determine in Madison isn’t the primary to be in comparison with Mothman.

In 2002, a lady claimed to have seen what was later described by her daughter as a big, black, winged creature with glowing purple eyes. The investigation into that occasion revealed a sequence of seemingly paranormal phenomena that had affected their household at across the identical time. Such incidents are comparatively frequent in doubtlessly paranormal winged humanoid sightings.

No such phenomena encompass this newer sighting, nor had been wings or different figuring out options definitively seen by the witness.

The potential for the determine to characterize one thing else—like an oddly dressed human and even one thing stranger, comparable to Hairy-man or different cryptids, or maybe a shadow individual—is simply too excessive to deduce a particular connection.

Nonetheless, neither can it’s dominated out completely.

Whereas the determine stays unexplained, there’s nothing of substance to attach it to the winged humanoid sightings which have been reported inside a number of hundred miles of Lake Michigan.

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