Man Reports Sighting of “Gargoyle with Little Horns on Its Head” in Itasca, Illinois

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Lon Strickler of Phantoms & Monsters not too long ago acquired the next report describing one man’s eye witness encounter with a winged humanoid which came about on an August night time in 2020 in Itasca, Illinois.

I’ve an expertise I want to let you know about. I didn’t know this website existed and I used to be telling my brothers about it a number of weeks in the past at my son’s party (they had been laughing at me). I stay in Itasca, Illinois and two years in the past, in August 2020, I went out at about 9pm at night time and was placing one thing in my automobile. About 50-75 yards away I noticed one thing land on the street. It regarded prefer it was crouching, and it regarded the dimensions of a coyote or possibly larger sitting in an upright place. It was too massive to be an owl however form of regarded like a bat/owl-looking creature. Like a gargoyle with little horns on its head. I used to be specializing in it for a few minute and stored asking myself, “What the hell is that?”

In a sudden burst with its wings, it form of hopped up and exploded out of a crouching stance with a thunderous stroke of its wings and disappeared into the timber. I yelped and stepped again a bit as I couldn’t imagine my eyes. It regarded like a five-foot black bat/animal factor leaping/flying into the timber.

I’ve been studying about different sightings within the space and my sighting matches what others have seen. I received a very good take a look at that creepy factor, however I don’t imagine that it noticed me as a result of I used to be watching it quietly.

Strickler was in a position to interview the person through phone.

“[The witness stated] that he was fairly stunned when he observed the creature,” Strickler stated. “It was crouched below a reasonably vivid streetlight and about 50 yards in entrance of him in his neighborhood (within the neighborhood of Bryn Mawr and Elm Road in Itasca). This location is roughly 2 miles west of O’Hare Worldwide Airport. As he watched, it was obvious that it had bat-like wings and that the face was just like a gargoyle’s depiction with small horns on its head. The coloring was gray to black. There was no eye coloration acknowledged.”

The person reportedly went on to inform Strickler that the creature stood 5 to 6 ft in peak and that “the physique was considerably emaciated however outlined.”

“The arms had been connected to the huge wings that spanned far off the physique. It was positively a humanoid type,” Strickler stated. “He used the phrase ‘explode’ to explain the sudden burst of vitality when it took flight after only one flap of the highly effective wings. The sound of the wings and ascent burst like thunder. It shortly flew into the timber and disappeared.”

As famous by Strickler, the sighting location is roughly two miles west of O’Hare Worldwide Airport, which has been the epicenter of current winged humanoid sightings within the Lake Michigan Mothman investigation, with over a dozen sighting experiences coming from the airport itself since August of 2019, and plenty of extra reported within the surrounding communities. Experiences from the bigger investigation have come from each state bordering Lake Michigan and date again to 1957.

This report constitutes the most recent information in a string of ‘Mothman’ sightings from inside a number of hundred-mile radius surrounding Lake Michigan, together with each state bordering the good lake. These sightings ostensibly started within the spring of 2017, however extra historic accounts are being reported as extra folks grow to be conscious of the phenomenon. They typically happen within the night or at night time, usually in or close to a park or pure space, and round water. Witnesses persistently describe a big grey, brown, or black, bat or bird-like creature—though in a small variety of circumstances the creature was described as insect-like—typically with glowing or reflective crimson, yellow, inexperienced, or orange eyes, and humanoid options corresponding to legs and arms are sometimes reported. Some witnesses have reported feeling intense concern and an aura of evil emanating from the creature they encountered. Most of the sightings are additionally of one thing seen solely briefly or are described solely as a flying creature with few particulars, which leaves open the chance {that a} misidentified massive fowl—corresponding to a heron or crane—or some sort of anomalous avian species might clarify some, though definitely not all, of the encounters. Various related excessive strangeness incidents have additionally occurred alongside the creature sightings; these embody experiences of UFOs, different anomalous flying creatures and mysterious humanoids, parapsychological phenomena, and weird occasions skilled by these investigating the sightings.

To report a sighting attain out to us instantly at The Singular Fortean Society by means of our contact web page.

You’ll be able to view a timeline of the sightings to date right here.

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