Most Recent Photograph of “Ogopogo” Is Making Waves in Cryptid Community

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Regardless of having photographed the item with Colleen’s telephone and even seeing it with the bare eye, the couple and their buddy have been unable to determine it.

“For one factor, the 2 nodular issues are sticking up…no matter they’re, these which are about three ft aside,” Dale mentioned. “And I’ve finished some analysis since we took this image and it is not a plant. It is not kelp as a result of this can be a lake, it is not the ocean. It is not a sturgeon. It is not a lifeless deer the other way up. You possibly can get rid of all this stuff, however the subsequent query is, what’s it?”

In the end, Dale mentioned he simply desires to know if anybody noticed it or is aware of what it might have been.

“If it’s very disappeared, and no one is aware of what it’s, then what’s that? We do not know?” he requested.

The unidentified nature of the item has some questioning if it may very well be Ogopogo, Lake Okanagan’s resident vampire.

Legends of a serpentine lake vampire within the Okanagan Valley date again centuries, with numerous witnesses reporting sightings—together with the world’s indigenous folks, the Syilx Okanagan Nation, who name the creature N’ha-a-itk. Whereas no definitive proof of its existence has but surfaced—regardless of quite a few trendy sightings, generally together with video footage and images—some have speculated that Ogopogo is likely to be a surviving member of a primitive species of whale from the Late Eocene interval, which existed roughly 40 to 33.9 million years in the past.

However not everyone seems to be satisfied this {photograph} represents proof of a vampire in Lake Okanagan.

Cryptid researcher, folklorist, and fortean Adam Benedict supplied World Information a extra prosaic clarification for the item.

“What caught my consideration was the 2 protruding objects on the floor. However after I deliver it onto a bigger display screen and zoom in, I see a water fowl of some kind within the strategy of a dive both excellent beneath the floor or within the strategy of developing,” he mentioned. “The 2 protruding objects on the again would after all be its legs in a roundabout way, whether or not they’re bent or they’re kicking, however you’ll be able to clearly see just under the floor a watch in addition to its beak proper on the prime of the water line.”

Lake Okanagan is house to a number of species of diving duck, such because the larger scaup, which might dive over 20 ft and maintain its breath for as much as a minute.

The rationale that some folks interpret it as a vampire, Benedict defined, is because of the lake’s popularity.

“One factor, you recognize, everytime you’re coping with a lake that has a historical past or popularity of getting one thing in it your thoughts is all the time going to go to that factor first,” he mentioned. “Your thoughts is immediately going to go to ‘I am seeing the vampire. I am seeing the creature.’”

“If an individual was boating on a lake that wasn’t related to a fantasy, nevertheless, it might not shake out the identical manner,” he added.

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