‘Queen’ Guitarist Brian May Shares Crop Circle Photo

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Responses to Might’s submit have been combined, with some ascribing a magical clarification to the phenomenon whereas others suppose that hoaxers are possible accountable.

Crop circles have aroused hypothesis within the fashionable period since not less than the mid-Seventies, and explanations for the phenomenon embody every part from hoaxers to otherworldly beings to “earth energies.”

Though folks have come ahead and claimed duty for sure crop circle formations, mysterious circles of flattened vegetation present in fields return a lot additional than modern-day hoaxers.

In his 1911 work The Fairy Religion in Celtic International locations, writer W.Y. Evans-Wentz recorded folktales of faeries coming within the evening to thresh farmers’ grain. Equally, an English woodcut pamphlet from 1678 depicts ‘The Mowing-Satan,’ proven mowing crops in a round sample.

Whereas some dismiss these as merely folkloric inspiration for modern-day hoaxers, others level to them as proof of a phenomenon which predates artifical imitation.

To this point, nobody has come ahead to assert duty for the crop circle photographed by Might.

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