Survivorman Bigfoot Face Challenge: THINKERTHUNKER Accepts!

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Neglect any harm emotions or misconceptions … that is my greatest proof but that “Bigfoot” CANNOT be faked. (Go straight to the “Million Miles of Proof” marker under)

ThinkerThunker's Survivorman Bigfoot Face Challenge
ThinkerThunker’s Survivorman Bigfoot Face Problem

0:00 Survivorman to ThinkerThunker – “You Don’t Know!”
2:25 I set the document straight 4:08 Youngsters, Don’t Drink & Zoom
4:30 ***** A Million Miles of Bigfoot Proof *****
10:34 Robust Query for Todd Standing #1
12:00 Robust Query for Todd Standing #2
13:26 Are We All Completely happy Now?

Les Stroud of “Survivorman Bigfoot” fame, and Bigfoot Whisperer, Todd Standing, each mistakenly imagine I mentioned or did one thing flawed or hurtful in a video I posted again in 2018. I clear issues up for them. Plus … I accepted a problem laid down by Survivorman. Did I show him flawed? You determine.

Hey Tribe Members,

First, be sure to watched my Pt 3 of the Daingerfield Bigfoot Collection. (It’s historic.) And watch the video above as effectively. Skip to #4:30 if you happen to’re in a rush.

That’s all I needed to say, aside from THANK YOU all a lot to your assist! I couldn’t do that with out you. (I hope you be ok with that.)

Have an awesome and secure weekend!


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