7 Scariest Graveyards In Video Games, Ranked

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The setting for a lot of a spooky sighting, graveyards are usually utilized in video video games to create an unsettling environment and are sometimes the house of many ghoulish specters. Online game graveyards can differ drastically, with some leaning into the metaphorical facet of what graveyards characterize, some exploring them as a spot of mourning, and others having a extra enjoyable depiction that’s no much less spooky.

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These graveyard settings stand out of their respective video games, offering you with scares should you’re courageous sufficient to stroll among the many gravestones. You’ll end up not alone in these locations, as otherworldly creatures often inhabit them.


7 Traditional Spookiness: Banjo-Kazooie

Mad Mystery beast Mansion is the seventh world you discover in Banjo-Kazooie. The world has a ghostly theme, full with a haunted church, a hedge maze, and a spooky graveyard. Whereas within the graveyard, you have to keep away from the headstones trying to kill you.

The haunting environment is heightened by the sound results, together with all of the staples, resembling a dogman’s howl, organ music, and a ghost’s wail. The world has all of the basic parts of a haunted mansion, giving off Halloween vibes even should you play the sport throughout the summer time.

6 Evening Of The Residing Useless – EarthBound

Following on from Onett and Twoson, Threed is the third city you go to in EarthBound. The folks of Threed are taking shelter of their homes to keep away from the monsters lurking within the graveyard and venturing into the city.

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A big portion of Threed makes up the graveyard, making you marvel how many individuals within the city have handed to warrant considered one of this measurement. It’s not a peaceable graveyard the place you may lay to relaxation, although, as a result of the deceased come again as zombies and ghosts.

5 Worm Your Method Out Of This One – Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

When you sighting zombies throughout Raccoon Metropolis, seeing them in a graveyard feels most becoming. Raccoon Metropolis’s cemetery resembles a median graveyard should you ignore the zombies ready within the bushes.

The one factor creepier than zombies, although, is a huge worm, and that’s precisely what’s mendacity in wait on this graveyard – a Grave Digger, the results of a worm being mutated by the t-Virus. The second time Jill Valentine faces a Grave Digger, it bursts out from beneath the graveyard, sending the gravestones flying. As soon as Jill is completed with this vampire, it’s R.I.P. for this humongous worm.

4 Who You Gonna Name? – Luigi’s Mansion

With a recreation that’s all about hauntings and ghostly creatures, it’s no shock {that a} graveyard options in Luigi’s Mansion. One of many spookier locations within the recreation, the graveyard, is haunted by Skeleton Ghosts that Luigi should suck up together with his Poltergust 3000.

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Whereas within the graveyard, you have to tackle the Bogmire, also called the Cemetery Shadow. It seems in a usually dramatic vogue as lightning strikes a gravestone within the graveyard, inflicting the apparition to point out itself. This poltergeist is not any match for the Poltergust 3000, although.

3 Marowak’s Resting Place – Pokemon Crimson And Blue

Above the streets of Lavender City, the Pokemon Tower is the burial place of many Pokemon who’ve handed on. The Pokemon Tower is a mournful place the place folks come to pay respects to their departed Pokemon. Its flooring are rampant with Ghost Pokemon and Channelers, who talk with spirits and problem you to Pokemon battles.

In Pokemon Crimson and Blue, you witness a ghost sighting while you arrive on the prime of the tower. After utilizing the Silph Scope, the ghost is revealed to be the spirit of Marowak, who died defending its baby, Cubone, from Crew Rocket. Your complete place has an eerie environment that’s undercut by a layer of disappointment.

2 The Royal Household’s Darkish Previous – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Kakariko Village Graveyard is positioned behind the village. It’s the burial place of many Hyruleans and Sheikah who had been the Royal Household’s topics, in addition to the Royal Household themselves. Whereas within the graveyard, you may examine the graves and what may be buried in them on the threat of being attacked by Poes.

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As Baby Hyperlink, you can even partake in Dampé’s Coronary heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour with the possibility of profitable Rupees or a Piece of Coronary heart. You possibly can return to the graveyard as Grownup Hyperlink, solely to seek out that Dampé has handed on and is now haunting the graveyard. If you wish to receive the Hookshot, you’ll must race his ghost and win. The tomb of the Royal Household behind the graveyard can be the entryway to the Shadow Temple, acknowledged as one of many creepiest temples within the sequence.

1 Digging Your Personal Grave – Silent Hill 2

You go to two graveyards in Silent Hill 2 – Toluca Graveyard and the graveyard contained in the labyrinth beneath Toluca Jail and the Silent Hill Historic Society. Toluca Graveyard is the place you meet Angela Orosco, who’s trying to find her mom. It’s additionally this graveyard that James Sunderland and Laura stroll by way of within the Depart Ending.

Nonetheless, relating to spookiness, the graveyard contained in the labyrinth takes issues to the subsequent stage. The truth that this graveyard is positioned indoors and deep underground virtually makes it appear to be a diorama, creating an unsettling expertise as a result of it’s not possible for this graveyard to be actual. Among the many buried are named graves for Walter Sullivan, Angela Orosco, Eddie Dombrowski, and James Sunderland himself. James should soar into his personal grave to progress additional, symbolizing his journey additional into his psyche.

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