Everything About Werewolf In Skyrim And How To Become One

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Possibly you’ve heard of Lycanthropy. When the total moon approaches, legends communicate of half-man half-beasts roaming throughout the hills of Skyrim. They will run at unimaginable speeds and may tackle a dragon in one-on-one fight. Most of those tales are tales designed to scare youngsters… proper? What should you wished to see one in all these beasts up shut and see their energy for your self. What if you need to be a werewolf?

Properly, you’ve come to the correct place. We now have already coated about vampires in skyrim, now allow us to discuss warewolves. On this information, I will likely be laying out all the things there may be to learn about Lycanthropy and easy methods to develop into a werewolf in Skyrim.

Turn out to be a Werewolf in Skyrim

Everything About Werewolves in Skyrim

Step 1: Be a part of the Companions

The Companions are an order of fighters based by the legendary hero Ysgramor. They reside in a spot known as Jorrvaskr subsequent to the Skyforge in Whiterun.

To develop into a werewolf, you might want to be a part of what known as The Circle. To do that, first, speak to any Companion about becoming a member of their ranks of furries. They may information you to the Harbinger, Kodlak Whitemane

There will likely be a quest involving a sword, and when you full it, you’ll be welcomed into the ranks of the Companions.skyrim_Jorrvaskr

Step 2: Get Into the Circle

Full a couple of radiant quests for the companions till you get the hunt Proving Honor, which would be the first time you’ll get to see a werewolf in motion. 

As soon as Proving Honor is full, do a couple of extra quests till you might be given the hunt The Silver Hand. The search will direct you to speak to Skjor up on the forge about your initiation at The Underforge.

Full the initiation ritual, and you’ll remodel right into a werewolf for the very first time. skyrim_the_circle

Step 3: Full The Silver Hand

Full the hunt to realize entry to the Beast Type energy completely.

Congratulations! You at the moment are a bonafide Lycanthrope. skyrim_werewolf 

Werewolf Transformation Strategies

Now that you’ve got the Beast Type energy, you may use it at any time as soon as a day to show right into a werewolf. The method takes a couple of seconds through which you might be weak to assaults. 

The werewolf transformation itself will solely final 2.5 minutes of real-world time. To increase this transformation time, you have to to ‘feed’ on the human or human-like corpses. To ‘feed,’ you might want to discover a corpse and activate it by urgent your loot button. Every feeding will restore your well being and lengthen the length of your Beast Type by 30 seconds.

You’ll be able to solely use Beast Type as soon as a day. Nevertheless, you need to use the Ring of Hircine to grant you one other energy that allows you to remodel right into a werewolf as a lot as you need. To do that, you have to to finish the hunt Ailing Met by Moonlight as follows:

The Ring of Hircine


Step 1: Go to Falkreath and begin Ailing Met by Moonlight

In Falkreath, you’ll hear rumors of slightly woman who was murdered. You can too go to the graveyard the place her funeral is going down and speak to one of many clergymen to get particulars about who the perpetrator is. The search will then information you to Falkreath Jail to speak to the assassin. This could begin the hunt ailing Met by Moonlight.

Step 2: Meet Sinding and Purchase the Cursed Ring of Hircine

In Falkreath Jail, you’ll discover the one who dedicated the homicide, Sinding. Sinding will provide you with an merchandise known as the Cursed Ring of Hircine, which can randomly flip you right into a werewolf. After this has occurred, Sinding will escape, and you have to to discover a solution to purify the Ring.

Step 3: Slay the White Stag

The search will now direct you to kill a White Stag. After getting killed it, Hircine himself will speak to you and direct you to Bloated Man’s Grotto. Hircine may even ask you to kill Sinding for him. skyrim_spirit-of-White-Stag

Step 4: Spare Sinding

Journey to the Grotto and discover Sinding preventing the group of hunters there. He’ll come and speak to you after the struggle. It is necessary right here that you just facet with Sinding. Spare him and be a part of him as a substitute in killing the hunters towards Hircine’s want.

Step 5: Kill the Hunters

End the remaining a part of the hunt and kill the hunters with Sinding. After finishing the dungeon, Sinding will speak to you and thanks for the assistance. Exit the dungeon, and Hircine will congratulate you in your alternative and provide the purified Ring of Hircine.

Be aware that he’ll accomplish that although you disobeyed his orders. If he offers you the Savior’s Disguise as a substitute, reload a earlier save and be sure you facet with Sinding. 

Utilizing the Ring of Hircine

Equip the Ring of Hircine, and you’ll be granted an influence with the identical identify, which is totally different from Beast Type. Use this energy to realize limitless werewolf transformations!

If you wish to return to being in human kind, wait a couple of in-game hours or till your timer runs off, and you’ll be remodeled again.

Werewolf Powers and Benefits

As a werewolf, you might be granted a number of powers.


Werewolf Type

These are the benefits while you remodel into Beast Type:

  1. Your base melee injury is about to twenty, and it will increase each degree till 45, at 80 injury.
  2. You acquire 100 further well being and stamina.
  3. You’ll be able to dash considerably quicker and for extra time.
  4. Your stamina regenerates faster.
  5. Your energy assaults knock again opponents.
  6. Energy attacking whereas sprinting will stagger virtually each opponent, together with Giants.
  7. Press the energy button to Howl and set free a savage roar that can ship enemies fleeing.
  8. Any crime dedicated throughout this kind won’t incur a bounty.

Werewolf Perk Tree


This requires the Dawnguard DLC. Once you eat the guts of a corpse as a werewolf, it’s doable to realize factors for this perk tree. You should utilize these factors to unlock perks comparable to growing the entire injury inflicted, well being and stamina when in werewolf kind. 

Till the Savage Feeding perk is taken, solely human or humanoid enemies will be fed upon. It’s a good suggestion to take the Savage Feeding perk as quickly as doable. This can improve your leveling fee considerably.

The perk tree can solely be accessed when in beast kind. A complete of 164 ‘hearts’ should be eaten to unlock the total tree. 

The werewolf ability tree contains eight perks.

  • Bestial Power: Do extra injury in Beast Type.
  • Totem of Ice Brothers: Howl to summon Ice Wolves to your help.
  • Totem of the Moon: Howl to summon extra werewolves to your help.
  • Totem of the Predator: Howl radius is greater and provides you superior Life Detect.
  • Totem of Terror: Howl impacts higher-level enemies.
  • Animal Vigor:Extra well being and stamina in Beast Type.
  • Gorging: Feeding restores extra well being.
  • Savage Feeding: Can now additionally feed on creature corpses.
  • Totems of Hircine

    All three Totem powers out there would require you to finish the Totems of Hircine quest from Aela the Huntress. These radiant quests will provide you with particular powers you need to use in your Beast Type. The areas for these totems are randomized, so there’s no manner of understanding beforehand the place you will discover them.

  • Totem of The Hunt: Detect Life capacity.
  • Totem of Brotherhood: Summon two wolf spirits.
  • Totem of Worry: Howling will activate Worry towards enemies.
  • As soon as discovered, these totems will likely be current in The Underforge. You’ll be able to activate one in all these powers by praying on the corresponding totem there.

    Illness Immunity

    This carries over to your human kind as nicely. As a werewolf, you might be 100% proof against illness.

    Frostmoon Rings

    This requires the Dragonborn DLC. Go to Solstheim and ask Feldis Sadri on the Retching Netch for rumors. He’ll discuss a werewolf sighting close to Frostmoon Crag, which is north of Raven Rock. Speak to the hunters there to purchase 4 particular rings that can help your werewolf transformation considerably.

  • Ring of Bloodlust: Will increase each injury and injury taken in Beast Type by 50%.
  • Ring of Intuition: Slows time for 20 seconds when reworking into Beast Type.
  • Ring of the Hunt: Permits for the well being regen in Beast Type.
  • Ring of the Moon: Will increase the length of Howl by 25%.
  • There are so much some ways to play Skyrim with the assistance of varied construct choices, methods and gear. And Lycanthropy isn’t any totally different too.

    Disadvantages of Lycanthropy

    Whereas in Beast Type

    Being in Beast Type has the next disadvantages:

    1. You’re caught in third particular person for the length and can’t change again.
    2. Your hitbox is elevated, making you unable to entry sure areas.
    3. You can’t lockpick or loot corpses. You’ll be able to solely feed on them in Beast Type.
    4. You can’t speak to NPCs.
    5. You can’t open the map or entry your stock.
    6. You can’t solid any spells.
    7. You won’t regenerate well being. To realize well being, you’ll have to feed on a corpse. Be aware that the Ring of the Hunt negates this drawback.
    8. Virtually all NPCs will likely be hostile to your werewolf kind.
    9. You can’t use any armor or weapons you could have acquired.
    10. You have got no ranged fight possibility.
    11. Beast Type has low armor when performed in larger difficulties.
    12. The Silver Hand faction will likely be hostile in the direction of you and can hunt you down.

    Many of those issues will be mounted by reworking again right into a human. However, it’s nonetheless a tedious course of to alter types on the fly, particularly should you don’t have the Ring of Hircine but.

    Whereas in Human Type

    1. As a werewolf, your goals will likely be haunted by nightmares attributable to Hircine’s curse. You can be unable to get the Properly Rested bonus, in addition to the Lover’s Consolation bonus.
    2. Your armor and objects will robotically be unequipped while you remodel right into a werewolf. So, you’ll have to manually re-equip all the things as soon as your Beast Type ends.

    Remedy Your self of Lycanthropy in Skyrim

    In case you’ve determined that being a werewolf is extra bother than it’s value, listed below are the strategies to remedy your self of Hircine’s curse.

    Methodology 1: Glenmoril Witches


    That is the standard methodology to remedy Lycanthropy in Skyrim. Be aware that curing Lycanthropy this fashion will lock you out of the werewolf kind ceaselessly. Meaning you’ll by no means have the ability to be a werewolf by way of regular strategies once more!

    Step 1: End Glory of the Lifeless

    Full the Companions questline by ending the hunt Glory of the Lifeless. That is the ultimate Companion quest the place you go to Ysgramor’s Tomb to remedy Kodlak of Lycanthropy. End the hunt prompts that seem and make a remark of the Glenmoril Witch Cave location.

    Step 2: Purchase a Glenmoril Witch Head

    In case you haven’t achieved so already, go to the cave and acquire a Glenmoril Witch Head by killing a witch and looting her corpse. You will want one head to do that. Be aware that the witches don’t respawn. Ensure you seize each head doable.

    Step 3: Go to Ysgramor’s Tomb and Remedy Your self of Lycanthropy

    Go to Ysgramor’s Tomb (be sure you use the again entrance) and toss the top within the Flame of the Harbinger. Your beast spirit will come out to struggle. Kill it, and you’ll be a werewolf no extra! skyrim_Ysgramor

    Methodology 2: Vampire Lord

    For this, you have to the Dawnguard DLC. You’ll be able to ask Serana or Harkon to transform you right into a vampire lord. This course of will robotically remedy you of Lycanthropy, as each powers can’t coexist in your participant character. 

    To develop into a werewolf once more, should you’ve used this methodology, speak to Aela. She’s going to carry out the ritual and convert you again right into a werewolf once more, solely as soon as. You’ll, nonetheless, lose your vampire kind.skyrim_Jorrvaskr_inside

    Methodology 3: Dishonest

    PC PLAYERS ONLY! Simply use the console, I suppose. Solely do that should you encounter bugs or one thing. It’s much less enjoyable this fashion.

    Press the tilde “~” key, and a console ought to pop up. Sort “participant.removespell 92C48”. Press Enter. Now sort “showracemenu“ to alter your race. Viola! Immediate remedy for lazy individuals. 

    In case you really feel the necessity to take a break from a Legendary issue lycanthropy run, you would possibly need to try comparable video games like Skyrim. Both manner, there’s no denying, Bethesda Softworks have made a really pleasurable sport that’s nonetheless playable after such a very long time since its launch.

    We’re unhappy to see you go! — The Companions (Most likely)

    Wolf FAQs

    Can You Marry as a Werewolf?

    Sure, Lycanthropy doesn’t have an effect on marriage. Nevertheless, you can not get the Lover’s Consolation perk by sleeping together with your associate.

    Can You Turn out to be a Werewolf and a Vampire on the Similar Time?

    No, not conventionally. However all the things is feasible should you cheat…

    Do Silver Weapons Do Extra Harm to Me as a Werewolf?

    No. I suppose they forgot to code that in. However no. They don’t.

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