Kansas Trail Camera Catches Gorillas and Werewolf

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Mountain lion sightings in Kansas are few and much between, in accordance with native information station KTLA 5. However the Gardner Police Division noticed one thing even stranger after they arrange two cameras to catch a reported cougar in motion.

When officers reviewed the footage from November 21 to twenty-eight, the “wildlife” did not embody any large cats in any respect. As an alternative, they noticed coyotes, raccoons and skunks, plus a couple of gorillas, a lycan and even Santa.

Simply try the picture proof for your self. First a masked ladies in heels wanders by:

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[facebook ]https://www.fb.com/GardnerPoliceDepartment/pictures/pcb.1165814646849935/1165814146849985/?kind=3&theater” data-width=”800″[/facebook]

Then two gorillas begin a combat:

[facebook ]https://www.fb.com/GardnerPoliceDepartment/pictures/pcb.1165814646849935/1165814143516652/?kind=3&theater” data-width=”800″[/facebook]

This man is straight out of a horror film:

[facebook ]https://www.fb.com/GardnerPoliceDepartment/pictures/a.463744793723594.1073741831.460871797344227/1165814190183314/?kind=3&theater” data-width=”800″[/facebook]

The bogeyman is alive and nicely in Kansas:

Grandma determined to take a midnight stroll (with a knife?!):

[facebook ]https://www.fb.com/GardnerPoliceDepartment/pictures/pcb.1165814646849935/1165814270183306/?kind=3&theater” data-width=”800″[/facebook]

And let’s not overlook December’s largest celeb, Mr. Claus:

[facebook ]https://www.fb.com/GardnerPoliceDepartment/pictures/pcb.1165814646849935/1165814280183305/?kind=3&theater” data-width=”800″[/facebook]

Whereas the common individual could be terrified by these creepy nighttime shenanigans, the Gardner Police Division took it in stride. They posted the pictures to their Fb web page on Monday, saying that whereas they had been “glad to report” they didn’t see a mountain lion, they “now have one other completely different concern.”

“We wish to sincerely thank the individuals accountable because it made our day after we pulled up what we anticipated to be tons of of images of coyotes, foxes and raccoons,” the caption says. “Your effort and humorousness are vastly appreciated.”

Gardner Police Lieutenant Lee Krout reiterated they actually did love the shock in an interview with KSHB. “Even when they weren’t seeking to make us snort, they had been seeking to make anyone snort and that is why we needed to place it on the market,” he stated.

Whereas the pranksters have not come ahead but, the pictures have now been shared hundreds of occasions because the web tries to determine what the heck is occurring. Whoever the characters are, they actually have plenty of time (and costumes) on their arms.

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