Mikhail Popkov, ‘The Werewolf’ Of Russia, Confessed To 83 Brutal Murders

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For practically twenty years Russia’s most prolific serial killer prowled the Irkutsk area of Siberia. Sexually assaulting, murdering, and mutilating girls so grotesquely that he was nicknamed “The Werewolf”.

The beast’s reign of terror prolonged from 1992 till June 23, 2012, when he was lastly arrested. All through this era, grotesque horror scenes stored popping up. First in Angarsk, then Irkutsk, and finally the far east, in Vladivostok. 

Mikhail Popkov joined his fellow law enforcement officials within the investigation of the “Werewolf Killer”. Returning to the scenes of murders he dedicated. His colleagues have been clueless that the monster they have been looking, was one among their very own.

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