Mysterious ‘werewolf’ killed in Montana

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A mysterious wolf-like creature was shot lifeless by a rancher in rural Montana — and even wildlife officers don’t have any clue what the factor is, authorities stated Friday.

The beast had oddly lengthy grey fur, outsized claws and an extra-large head — however its ears are too large and its legs are too quick to be a typical wolf or canine, in line with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officers.

“We’ll don’t know what that is till we get a DNA report again,” Bruce Auchly of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks instructed The Nice Falls Tribune.

The horrific discovery was made Could 16 by a person who shot the canine as a result of it tried to chow down on his livestock within the tiny city of Denton, officers stated in a press launch.

The rancher known as the authorities to report that he had killed a “wolf” — however authorities quickly discovered it was one thing stranger.

The critter’s canine enamel and entrance paws had been too quick to be a wolf. And its large, floppy ears and shaggy fur had been nothing like a typical canine, officers stated.

True believers took to Twitter to howl over what the Franken-dog could possibly be.

Theories embody a “dire wolf” — an extinct sabre-toothed canine that after roamed North America — and even a real-life lycan.

“We hope they used a silver bullet. We’d hate to be there when it awoke!” wrote @AllThingsHaunt, referencing the one weapon used to kill werewolves in folklore.

“Fairly positive they shot a lycan or Massive Foot’s child in Montana,” added photographer @ndakkyle.

Others guessed the beast is a “shunka warakin,” a wolf-hyena hybrid from from Native American lore that after terrified livestock within the area.

The North American Dogman Challenge — a gaggle of researchers that tracks sightings of mysterious wolf-like creatures — posted a photo of the animal on its Twitter page.

The researchers, a few of whom are regulation enforcement and former army, didn’t instantly return a request for remark.

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