Terrifying sighting of huge shark sparks debate about if megalodons still exist

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The megalodon was some of the highly effective predators to have ever lived. It’s stated to have been 40 instances heavier and 3 times longer than the biggest ever nice white shark

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Megalodon: Large shark noticed swimming beneath boat

An enormous shark caught on digital camera scouring the underside of the Mariana Trench has sparked debate about if megalodons nonetheless exist.

The massive predator will be seen swimming over what appears to be an deserted shark cage.

The large prehistoric shark, referred to as a megalodon, ate all the things in its path and was stated to lurk within the Earth’s deepest oceans.

Some imagine this footage, which has remerged after being filmed in 2018, is proof the sharks should not extinct and it has sparked a debate on-line.

One wrote: “I believe they went deeper into the seas like the large squid which is why we by no means see them.”

One other added: “Our oceans are big and there are huge areas which are nonetheless unexplored. I would not be stunned if there are megs outs there.”

The shark was seen within the Mariana Trench

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Nevertheless, some say the shark within the video bears a powerful resemblance to the frequent sleeper shark.

These creatures can attain as much as seven metres in size and might survive no less than 2,000 metres under the floor.

Conspiracy theorists imagine the megalodon has managed to efficiently keep away from detection for tens of millions of years.

The large shark weighed the identical as 5 buses and was as soon as the king of the ocean.

An enormous megalodon shark swims after a pod of striped dolphins (artist’s impression)

It’s believed to have died round three million years in the past, although there are loads who nonetheless imagine it’s alive as we speak.

While this will appear unimaginable, the invention of “extinct” animals will not be extraordinary.

The coelacanth fish is one such creature. Based mostly on fossil information, it was considered extinct however was later discovered alive and consequently dubbed a ‘residing fossil’.

The insides of the jaws of a megalodon

Dr Karl Shuker, a number one cryptozoologist, has devoted his life to researching animals considered extinct.

He has stated that unusually massive and unidentified sharks are nonetheless being reported.

For instance, a picture from 2016 appeared to indicate a 60-foot shark in Japan’s Suruga Bay.

Nevertheless, Emma Bernard, curator of the Nationwide Historical past Museum’s fossil fish assortment, says megalodons can’t be round as we speak.

She says the creature would have eaten massive prey corresponding to whales and different sharks, however there aren’t any stories of whales being attacked by a predator massive sufficient to be a megalodon.

She has additionally stated the megalodon wouldn’t have the ability to survive within the chilly local weather of the deep oceans, the one place it might go unnoticed.

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