The Animated Series’ 10 Weirdest Villains

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There is not any denying that Batman’s roster of villains is without doubt one of the finest within the superhero style. His villains problem every little thing in regards to the Darkish Knight, from his mind to his physicality, to his sanity. Most of Batman’s villains are considerably grounded in actuality like Two-Face or the Riddler. Nonetheless, some villains really feel as in the event that they belong in a science fiction or horror story.

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Villains like Clayface, who can manipulate his type, are threats to highly effective heroes within the DC Animated Universe. Poison Ivy can create plant-like monsters, and the Mad Hatter can management minds. Batman: The Animated Sequence featured many villains, widespread or not, who possessed unusual, generally supernatural, qualities that made them stand out.

10 Clayface May Form-Shift Amongst Different Issues

Clayface was simply one of the vital highly effective villains in Batman: The Animated Sequence. He might shape-shift, showing as anybody in any crowd, he might morph his palms into hammers or blades, and he might just about change his bodily type into any form. Whereas the Joker was the sort of villain who was good for Batman, Clayface’s powers made him a match for a lot stronger heroes.

The character appeared in a few of the finest episodes of the sequence, together with “Feat of Clay,” which introduced his origin, and “Rising Pains,” which ended within the tragic “dying” of a personality Robin had grown near.

9 Batman Fought A Werewolf In “Moon Of The Wolf”

It is simply one other day in Gotham Metropolis when the Joker targets public officers or the Scarecrow makes an attempt to launch concern toxins over town, however when folks report sightings of a werewolf within the streets, eyebrows are raised. In “Moon of the Wolf,” Batman got here face-to-face with a hulking werewolf who was truly Anthony Romulus, an athlete, and affiliate of Bruce Wayne’s.

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Romulus was reworked into the beast by Professor Milo, a chemist who beforehand contaminated Catwoman with a plague. The werewolf was one of many stranger villains within the sequence, with an origin largely based mostly on science fiction and horror quite than actuality.

8 The Joker Created New “Villains” In “Make ‘Em Chortle”

The Joker’s origins have all the time been a thriller within the comics, with few exceptions like The Killing Joke and Three Jokers, however even these tales in all probability should not be accepted at face worth. Within the DCAU, Joker was seemingly depicted as a hitman for the mob in Masks of the Illusion. In an episode of BTAS, titled “Make ‘Em Chortle,” Joker was apparently a comic up to now.

The Joker exacted revenge on the judges who kicked him off the stage so a few years earlier, utilizing the Mad Hatter’s mind-controlling expertise to show the judges into foolish criminals like Pack Rat and Condiment King. The Condiment King has since grow to be an infamously unusual, D-list Batman villain within the comics.

7 Man-Bat Terrorized The Skies Of Gotham

Kirk Langstrom was a scientist who researched bats and their lengthy lifespans. He created a serum that might replicate their longevity in people and examined it on himself. The end result was as to be anticipated, turning him right into a bat-like creature referred to as Man-Bat. Man-Bat was the principle villain of the primary episode of the sequence, “On Leather-based Wings.”

The premiere episode was unbelievable, however Man-Bat, as a villain, left a lot to be desired. In comparison with the complexities of characters like Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, and Harley Quinn, Man-Bat was a reasonably shallow villain with little motivation. He was, nonetheless, one of many weirdest villains within the sequence, and he offered a horrifically warped reflection of the Darkish Knight.

6 Farmer Brown Ran A Farm Of “Critters”

Farmer Enoch Brown first appeared within the New Batman Adventures episode “Critters.” He initially developed a formulation that enlarged animals, initially intending for it to be step one towards an answer to world starvation. After his testing was shut down, he grew vengeful and started experimenting on all types of wildlife.

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Batman, Robin, and Batgirl tried to cease Farmer Brown’s harmful experiments, however had been met with massive, mutated variations of bugs and livestock. Farmer Brown was actually an unconventional villain, and his creations had been creatures out of a horror film.

5 Child Doll Was Created For The Animated Sequence

Mary Dahl was an actress born with a uncommon situation referred to as Systemic Hypoplasia. Although she aged usually, her physique maintained the looks of just a little woman. Due to this, she was perpetually forged as a baby in productions. She resented her fellow forged members for being forged in various roles and kidnapped them.

The episode featured one of the vital heartbreaking moments of BTAS. Child Doll pursues Batman right into a corridor of mirrors and cries on the sight of one in all her warped reflections, a mirrored image of her as an grownup. Child Doll proved that appearances might be deceiving. Although she seemed like an harmless baby, she was a ruthless lady who was prepared to kill for revenge.

4 Mad Hatter Managed Folks’s Minds

Jervis Tetch was a scientist who studied the talents of thoughts management. He fell for a girl named Alice, however was heartbroken to be taught she had a fiancé. Jervis, impressed by his love of fantasy novels, referred to as himself the Mad Hatter and meant to show Alice into the Alice from Wonderland.

The Mad Hatter used numerous objects to regulate folks’s minds and manipulate their perceptions of the world, typically inserting them in fantasy worlds of his personal design. Like Scarecrow, Mad Hatter was a grasp of manipulation, and his schemes have led to a few of the finest episodes of BTAS, together with “Perchance to Dream,” a narrative that explored a pretend actuality the place Bruce Wayne by no means grew to become Batman.

3 H.A.R.D.A.C. Was An Superior Pc That Created Androids

Within the season two two-parter, “Coronary heart of Metal,” Karl Rossum created the superior synthetic intelligence system often known as H.A.R.D.A.C. The system advanced past Rossum’s preliminary programming and developed a brand new mission of changing all human life with android duplicates.

H.A.R.D.A.C. created duplicates of Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Bullock, and even Batman himself. Lengthy earlier than changing into Batgirl, Barbara Gordon helped Batman defeat H.A.R.D.A.C. “Coronary heart of Metal” and its sequel episode, “His Silicon Soul,” had been distinctive BTAS episodes, adapting the basic science fiction storyline of synthetic intelligence taking on the world.

2 Thoth Khepera Possessed God-Like Powers

After Ra’s al Ghul’s debut within the two-parter “The Demon’s Quest,” he returned in “Avatar,” in search of the tomb of an historical Egyptian queen. The queen was additionally worshipped as a goddess, rumored to regulate life and dying. Ra’s naturally sought her energy to increase his already lengthy life.

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After Batman and Talia tracked Ra’s to Thoth’s tomb, the goddess rose, summoning a military of the lifeless. To totally revive herself, Thoth tried to empty the life power from Ra’s, however Batman collapsed her tomb, trapping Thoth inside. Thoth was actually one of many strangest, strongest forces Batman encountered in BTAS.

1 Poison Ivy Managed Vegetation & Created Plant-Like Monsters

When Poison Ivy was first launched in Batman #181 in 1966, she primarily used pheromones to regulate folks’s minds. Over time, the character developed a extra plant-like, inexperienced look. The BTAS model of Ivy skilled related design adjustments when the sequence transitioned into the New Batman Adventures.

In her many battles with Batman, Ivy created and managed quite a lot of plant-like creatures, together with a large carnivorous plant in “Fairly Poison,” bipedal monsters in “Home & Backyard,” and even a plant creature who posed as Bruce Wayne’s spouse in “Chemistry.”

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