The Cursed Movie Review: Unsettling Werewolf Horror

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It’s no secret that I get excited studying about any horror film that’s new to me. I like horror and I’ll by no means tire of the various methods through which filmmakers (and writers) attempt to scare me. However say the phrases “werewolf horror,” and I react precisely like a cartoon wolf. My eyes come out of my head, I pound the desk, and the bowtie that I’m all of a sudden sporting begins spinning. Sooner or later, I’ll write about werewolf horror typically–trace, trace–however for now, let’s simply assessment the 2022 film The Cursed, the newest entry to the canon.

What You Must Know First: The Eight For Silver Title Change

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Earlier than we even get right into a assessment of a 2022 film known as The Cursed, we must always point out it wasn’t at all times Cursed. This movie premiered final 12 months on the Sundance Movie Pageant. So to start with, that’s why you may even see loads of evaluations from then. As well as, it initially premiered with the title Eight for Silver in 2021, however they’ve clearly modified it. For probably the most half, I believe that’s a good suggestion. I’m fairly certain the title refers back to the outdated nursery rhyme about magpies, despite the fact that most variations don’t go as much as eight. Principally, it’s a superstitious verse about what sort of luck you’re going to have, relying on what number of magpies you see. (“One for sorrow, two for pleasure,” and so on.)

Anyway, whereas there’s a cameo look by some magpies, they’re not a loadbearing aspect of the plot. And whereas there may need been eight of them–they have been too riled up for me to get a rely–it doesn’t matter. There’s a special quantity related to silver within the film and that one is way extra vital to the story. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the best way, let’s discuss that story.

A Movie That Reminds Us Being a Werewolf Is a Curse (Allegedly)

The movie is about in France–perhaps–however that’s largely as irrelevant because the magpies. (Notice: Some sources place the setting within the UK.) It appears as if it’s set there simply so characters can invoke the specter of the notorious Beast of Gévaudan. For 3 years within the mid-18th century, some type of animal or animals–perhaps–tore via Gévaudan, a area of France. The primary sufferer, who survived, described the animal as “Like a wolf, but not a wolf.” No matter it was–and enjoyable reality, we nonetheless don’t know–it might go on to assault a whole bunch extra.

cursed movie review legend has it, for example, that south Alabama produced a “wolf lady”–ain’t that loopy?! (picture by way of Cellular Press-Register)

Whereas wolf-person sightings usually are not that unusual, this type of factor–widespread assaults by a wolfesque creature–is. Particularly, you realize, since we nonetheless haven’t any rationalization. As such, it’s too tempting to not point out Gévaudan. Particularly, you realize, when the assaults begin.

However earlier than that occurs, there’s the land. That’s what begins all the difficulty. A small group of Romani of us are tenting out on land that ostensibly belongs to a bunch of land barons, led by Seamus Laurent (Alistair Petrie). They aren’t pleased concerning the Romani camp, notably as a result of the folks there are trying to train their declare to the land. Having allegedly tried to cause with the group, the barons determine to hell with the carrot–the stick it’s.

Sadly, the stick they select–a bunch of mercenaries–points a wildly disproportionate response to the small camp. I believe I counted like, 5 coated wagons. The mercenaries might kill all the camp in minutes, however as an alternative, they wish to set an instance. Not solely is it brutal and pointless, however it additionally offers a lady within the camp time sufficient to curse her adversaries. The mercenaries are beneficiant sufficient to go away a set of enamel, supposedly crafted from the silver given to Judas, along with her physique.

After that, goals pull the kids of the landowners to the location of the bloodbath. And by visiting that place, they set the curse in movement. Quickly, one thing is stalking the little neighborhood. It begins with the kids, however nobody is immune. (As I at all times say, werewolfery is for everybody.)

The Cursed (2022) Film Overview Rating

The Cursed shouldn’t be a conventional werewolf film, as you may need already guessed. By that, I imply that the method of transformation doesn’t observe the everyday “welp, wolf bit me” path. However simply because it’s not a shaggy canine story doesn’t imply it could actually’t be a type of werewolf story.

As I’ve written earlier than, the werewolf story is normally about want. And as I’ve additionally written, that may be about many sorts of indulgence. On this one, it’s vengeance. Technically, it’s vengeance by proxy, however that also counts. In spite of everything, isn’t that what a curse typically is?

Additional, whereas it’s not your typical werewolf story, it’s additionally not your typical horror. It is a movie that eschews straightforward leap scares in favor of making an unsettling temper. Admittedly, this typically doesn’t work. Some viewers, for example, may discover it too gradual or not scary. However should you loved a film like The Witch, one other story about folks alone at nighttime, then you definately’ll most likely like this one as nicely.

That’s to not say, although, that it is a good movie. The set off being a Romani curse, for instance, feels stale. Id has been vital to the werewolf film since Curt Siodmak used his personal historical past–he fled Nazi Germany–to put in writing The Wolf Man. Nevertheless, the selection to incorporate Romani folks doesn’t really feel as purposeful. As well as, there’s no actual sense of place. That’s due partly to the array of accents. They try this factor the place mainly everybody has a British accent, which is okay, however I jumped straight out of the story when a Scottish man began speaking. Once more, aren’t we in France?

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However these are minor complaints, as is my want for extra sensible results with the…cursed outcomes. (I’m attempting to keep away from spoilers.) They’re pleasingly gross, although. General, it is a worthy addition to the werewolf horror film canon. On that observe, Boyd Holbrook, who performs a pathologist who’s on the hunt himself, is a selected excessive level. His character seems like a throwback in the easiest way, like somebody you’ll have seen in a Hammer Horror. The scenes that bookend the movie have been inessential to me, however the stuff in between? Ah, yeah, that’s the (werewolf) stuff.

The Cursed is now taking part in in theaters.

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