The Urban Legend Of The Mothman, West Virginia’s Famous Red-Eyed Omen

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The flying can also be not a very distinctive element in a location with plentiful wildlife, particularly occupied by populations of herons, that are, effectively… large, man-sized birds. From this comes some of the compelling scientific theories of the Mothman. Dr. Robert L. Smith postulates that the unique Mothman, the one seen regularly and intimately within the Nineteen Sixties, was actually a sandhill crane.


Sandbill Crane
Not the LEAST creepy fowl I’ve ever seen.


Trying into the options of the sandhill crane, it’s straightforward to determine lots of the points of the Mothman legend. The cranes stand round a median of as much as 4.5 toes tall, with a wingspan of seven toes. It’s straightforward to think about that, at the hours of darkness, inflated by concern, somebody may estimate that as 6 and 10, respectively. They’re brown, with white/grey undersides and darkish legs, all colorations that line up with descriptions of the Mothman. And the piece de resistance? Sandhill cranes are recognized for the big, shiny purple markings round their eyes.

Whenever you take all this under consideration, it appears very seemingly that the realm was occupied by an unusually giant sandhill crane, maybe even one which did possess some stage of mutation attributable to chemical leaks. Even only a illness, much like the connections between mangy canines and chupacabra sightings, may alter its look simply sufficient to be unfamiliar to locals, and terrifying in consequence. A footnote within the Mothman legacy that mentions occasional sightings in Russia even provides additional credence, as sandhill cranes are native to each North America… and northern Siberia.

Even its popularity as an omen, or the reviews of a sighting on the bridge earlier than the collapse, appear much less and fewer uncommon when you think about the potential of the Mothman being a big fowl that simply occurs to naturally collect at rivers, just like the Ohio River the Silver Bridge crossed. The lifespan of a sandhill crane is round 20 years, and one may assume even much less if the fowl was certainly mutated or sickened by chemical leakage, which might clarify its pretty transient reign of terror. Which is to say, the Mothman was in all probability useless lengthy earlier than you have been born.

To not rain on anybody’s campfire tales, however it does appear most probably that the Mothman was simply that: an enormous, unusual fowl performing bizarre at evening. Not that I’d significantly need to tangle with a mutated heron. However don’t inform that to the numerous attendees of Level Nice’s Mothman Competition, and if nothing else, at the very least we acquired an extremely cool statue out of it. That stated, if I ever must drive by West Virginia at the hours of darkness, I believe I’ll seize a resort and deal with it within the morning.


Mothman Statue
That is (actually) steel.

High Picture: Wikimedia Commons

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