Woman Reports Winged Humanoid and Glowing UFO Sightings on Same Night at Fork Kent Creek in Rockford, Illinois

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Shana estimated the creature’s wingspan to be 12 ft and described the sound it made as a “dinosaur’s screech, like a raptor screech.”

“I didn’t see any glowing purple eyes or something like everyone else is describing, nevertheless it flew away from us, and we had been taking a look at its profile more often than not or its again,” she stated. “I used to be freaking out. It was pitch black.”

The winged entity “flew midway up the bushes, so it was instantly within the tree line after which stayed regular all the way in which down,” she stated. ” It couldn’t have been within the bushes due to the scale of its wingspan, nevertheless it may have been over the canal and simply adopted the canal down. There’s water down there, nevertheless it’s a really small like a creek, after which there’s a walkway that runs down it that you may go all the way in which down into this park that’s within the again neighborhoods. Then there’s these enormous storm drains, however they’re enormous, like you possibly can simply stroll in there. You might need to duck your head slightly bit, however you possibly can stroll in there. I don’t know if it crawled out of there, however the place else may it’s?”

All in all, the sighting lasted “possibly two or three minutes,” Shana stated.

Quickly after the winged humanoid sighting, Shana and her mom noticed one thing else equally inexplicable within the sky.

We walked to this broken-down fence that separates my space from this lot that’s on the opposite aspect, between us and the canal. We had been on the market strolling, and I requested my roommate to return downstairs and produce a flashlight so we are able to shine it within the tree line and see if we see something. She got here down in quarter-hour, didn’t see something, and we drove right down to the park, however the bushes are so dense down there that even when there was one thing in there, we wouldn’t have seen it.

After we drove again, she went to the fuel station for about 10 minutes, however my mother and I had been nonetheless outdoors and this gentle … it virtually seemed prefer it was glowing. It seemed like if you happen to had been to see a form of stingray, like a glowing stingray within the air. It materialized above the air, like possibly 50 to 60 ft within the air above the empty lot, after which it had wings however they had been very fluid transferring, very gradual transferring, and really skinny, like if you happen to look on the aspect of a stingray.

We may see that factor virtually glowing in opposition to the darkish sky. And there was nothing that it may have mirrored off of—it was a transparent sky—or that would have brought on that, like a highlight, it was an precise bodily factor there, within the air. 

It didn’t look white, it seemed [like] gentle, virtually like a translucent whitish gentle. 

It wasn’t [just a white object], as a result of the sky was pitch black. We noticed the entire glowing silhouette and it flew very easily and fluidly over to the road—it typically stayed the identical top within the air. Then it rotated and got here again over and actually disappeared in the identical spot it materialized. It didn’t go down, it didn’t go up, it simply vanished.

Shana guessed that the thing was about six ft in size and “very skinny.”

She elaborated on her description of the glowing object, explaining that though it didn’t look exactly like a stingray, that was one of the simplest ways she may describe it.

“It didn’t have a tail. I describe it as a stingray as a result of it was flat. I don’t know the way large it was or if it was simply this skinny, lengthy factor, however if you happen to’re trying in the back of a stingray at eye degree, it’s flat and it’s obtained pointed ends the place the sides are flat ends after which it’s thicker within the physique and thinner within the wings. It was so fluid and easy and gradual transferring,” she stated. “It was a protracted, skinny object. It didn’t have the jerky actions of the opposite factor. It was very fluid, like a stingray transferring in water.”

Shana was sure the glowing UFO could not have had any prosaic clarification, reminiscent of a highlight.

“There was nothing for gentle to replicate off of. There’re no energy cords or something that run all the way in which down. It was like seeing electrical energy or a glowing orb at night time, nevertheless it was lengthy and thin. And it moved prefer it was flapping wings, nevertheless it was very fluid, very easy motion.”

Historic climate knowledge confirms that the sky was clear on the time of her sighting, nor was there any wind to blow one thing that would have been misidentified, like a balloon.

As for the winged creature, when requested if it may have been a identified animal indigenous to the world, Shana responded that she had thought of that however was positive it was not.

I do know what foxes and coyotes sound like, in mating season and fights, stuff like that.

Typically, we hear canines barking in our neighborhood. I do know what it seems like when canines are preventing. It didn’t sound like something. It wasn’t an individual screaming, it wasn’t animals or something, after which for me to listen to the screech and look over and see that factor … I simply put two and two collectively that this creature is the factor that made the noise.

I considered herons and cranes and stuff like that, the one distinction is that the scale of it, for one factor, as a result of the wings had been enormous, and there was no break within the wings, there was no shade to it, it was pitch black. Even when it was on the aspect of the embankment the place the lights are, it was fully pitch black. You can see a transparent define of it.

You know the way these birds normally have actually skinny legs? Properly, this was thick, too thick to be a heron or a crane. The thickness of the wings and the entire measurement of the physique itself. When it was hunched over … I couldn’t clearly see the define of the top or something. It was simply this hunched over, curled collectively on all fours form of factor. It didn’t have any lengthy skinny legs or heads protruding, it was simply this enormous black mass.

The expertise left each Shana and her mom upset and frightened, however they each really feel strongly about what they skilled and are prepared to go on the file about it.

“I used to be panicking [when the UFO appeared],” she stated. “I jumped behind my mother, and I had this searching knife. I don’t know what I used to be going to do with it, it didn’t come close to us. It was bizarre that we had been on the market on the lookout for no matter that creature was that flew away, after which we see this glowing factor within the sky.”

Though they haven’t seen something like that since, the expertise did lend a brand new, unsettling perspective to one thing that had occurred only a week prior.

“A couple of week beforehand, I used to be strolling up my again stairs, once more it was late, my mother was sitting downstairs ready for me to unlock my door, and I heard that screech,” Shana stated.

That is one in all a number of sightings of winged humanoids which have come out of Rockford over the previous a number of years.

Maybe most much like Shana’s expertise was that of Jonathan Lane, who reported an eye witness encounter with a “enormous, shapeless, black factor” with “two very giant purple eyes” in Rockford throughout the summer season of 2016. That eye witness encounter was adopted a yr later by his sighting of a UFO in the identical space.

This report constitutes the most recent information in a string of ‘Mothman’ sightings from inside a couple of hundred-mile radius surrounding Lake Michigan, together with each state bordering the nice lake. These sightings ostensibly started within the spring of 2017, however extra historic accounts are being reported as extra individuals grow to be conscious of the phenomenon. They often happen within the night or at night time, usually in or close to a park or pure space, and round water. Witnesses constantly describe a big grey, brown, or black, bat or bird-like creature—though in a small variety of instances the creature was described as insect-like—generally with glowing or reflective purple, yellow, inexperienced, or orange eyes, and humanoid options reminiscent of legs and arms are sometimes reported. Some witnesses have reported feeling intense worry and an aura of evil emanating from the creature they encountered. Lots of the sightings are additionally of one thing seen solely briefly or are described solely as a flying creature with few particulars, which leaves open the chance {that a} misidentified giant chook—reminiscent of a heron or crane—or some sort of anomalous avian species may clarify some, though actually not all, of the encounters. Quite a lot of related excessive strangeness incidents have additionally occurred alongside the creature sightings; these embrace reviews of UFOs, different anomalous flying creatures and mysterious humanoids, parapsychological phenomena, and weird occasions skilled by these investigating the sightings.

To report a sighting attain out to us instantly at The Singular Fortean Society by way of our contact web page.

You possibly can view a timeline of the sightings thus far right here.

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