YouTube Personality Coyote Peterson Claims to Have Found ‘Bigfoot’ Skull in British Columbia

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Reactions to the information of Peterson’s supposed discovery have been combined.

Some appear excited to see what the primatologist assessment promised by Peterson may flip up, whereas others are exceedingly skeptical that the images signify something aside from a hoax.

Bigfoot researcher Aleksandar Petakov was fast to level out the similarities between the cranium Peterson claimed to have present in British Columbia and a duplicate lowland gorilla cranium.

“Good attempt. Right here is the precise cranium duplicate used on this stunt,” he stated in response to the photographs earlier than sharing a hyperlink to a seemingly similar cranium obtainable on the market on-line.

Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, a Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State College, revealed a press release to social media, saying, “Earlier than everybody will get their knickers in a knot, in my view that is almost definitely a mannequin of a gorilla cranium obtained from a supply equivalent to Boneclones or Skullduggery. There isn’t a query it’s a gorilla—not a Sasquatch or a bear! The burden of proof rests with Coyote. Till such time as it’s examined and probably analyzed by knowledgeable, it’s extra doubtless Clickbait.”

These skeptical of Peterson’s images have additionally identified that the cranium featured in them has a suspicious gap in its facet, much like what one may count on could be current for mounting.

Others have speculated that the opening may signify the creature’s reason for loss of life, equivalent to a bullet wound.

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